Great Dessert for Monday evening

Monday, April 14th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Sources From Mails |

Here again, the best dessert for Monday, evening. Mostly people not like monday because it is the first working day of the week, after 2 days (weekends) of holiday from shopping, movie, relax. Some people might not feel monday is a stress working day, as long as they know how to balance it with fun.

Anyway, I just need to use the delicious foods to make all the stress, busy, rush to be a sweet dessert such like below.

Tea Break with dessert 18
The strewberry ice-cream in gaint bowl, mixed with cream, nuts and grade. Yummy.

Tea Break with dessert 17
A bowl of junk fruit festival, which includes strewberry, kiwi, grade.

Tea Break with dessert 16
Thiple Ice-Cream scoops with strewberry and cherry. I like this more.

Tea Break with dessert 15
Mixed fruit with ice-cream, as multi ice-creams fruits celebration. This has more contents than others.

Tea Break with dessert 14
Another taste of delicious ice-creams mix with cream and fruits.

Tea Break with dessert 13
The classic ice-cream corn, add the favourite strewberry fruit or peanut of your choice.

Eventhrout these photos are not taken by myself, I need to acknowledge and thanks for the person who email this sources to me and the photo owners, I have not idea who is the photo owner but I just left their trademark on the photos, without remove it.


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