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Recently, I had found an interesting website service, which is Free Web Monitoring, that can help website owners to monitor their websites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the email alert and weekly statisticsĀ report about your website performance. This service is absolutely free of charge, the only thing is just sign up on the website and enter your URL, then your website will be under monitoring.

I have using this service just a month ago. This is a good tool, because every week I will receive a overview report about my website performance as well as the up-time; time on errors count, and so on. This help me to verify how good is my hosting provider and get notifiedĀ once my website is down. Example of the report as following.

Free Web Monitoring Service
This is most recommended service for the commercial websites, because down time of the websites is the big lost to their business, so with the help of this service, the website owners can take the fast alternative way to solve their website down time problem, rather than receive complaints direct from their customers.

The main features and advantages of this service are
1. Website testing every 60 minutes.
2. weekly statistic report, as mention above.
3. Email alert.
4. False alarm protection.
5. monitoring for multiple URLs within one account.

Encouraged to join this service and discover more from it, also because it is totally free, with the full features applied.


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