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Before apply your first or another credit cards from any banks or agents, it is good for you to know how the credit card eligibility is determined and the ways to improve your eligibility toward the credit cards you planned to apply and own it. You may find more information about credit eligibility at

The important of the credit report and credit scores that might constitutes the credit worthiness for you and make sure you are eligible for the credit cards when you own it. For example, when you purchase something on credit, the credit card company will makes periodic reports to one or more credit reporting agencies or credit bureau, those agencies keep records of your credit history such like
1. How many credit cards you have.
2. How many loans you have taken out.
3. How much you owe on each credit card.
4. How good you are at paying your bills on time.
5. Any payments that you have made late.
6. Any payments that you have missed.
7. If you have ever declared for bankruptcy.
8. If you have ever defaulted on a loan.
9. If there has ever been a judgment against you for unpaid debts.
10. If you are black listed from any credit card’s company.

Beside these credit history, some of the things that might cause you lose your credit score, such like
1. Making late payments or missing payments.
2. Defaulting on a loan.
3. Having too many credit cards.
4. Presenting too much debt on your credit cards.
5. Presenting too many loans
6. Apply a lot of credit cards in a short time.

As your request, credit bureaus provides you with a summary of your financial activity report, then you can learn if you possess bad, fair, good or excellent points on you credit score. If your credit score is too low, credit card company might refuse to give you credit cards; whereas if you have no credit history at all, they also may decide not to give you credit cards depending on other factors in your credit history.

If you are not eligible for good credit cards but demanding to apply, you can look for fair credit cards, because they are issued right for people with average credit score and splendid chance to improve credit score as well. Please visit to the website to learn more about the credit score, find the right credit cards at and build your credit eligibility with them.


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    You’ve most effectively made use of the energy of words. Good write-up.

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