Formaspace furniture, accessories and services

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Formaspace is a manufacturers that develop elegant, practical custom technical furniture, accessories and flexible solutions and services for customers in laboratory, technical, drafting, material handling and industrial environments.


They have experts to help you up in your workplace design with the appropriate and suitable furniture, that effectively use of your office’s space. Also formaspace is more advances in the creation through the design, Lab Furniture and manufacture of the custom technical furniture, accessories and services. They absolutely can help you to create a great place to work in sense you good working environment + great workplace design = better performance and outcome of the working results.

Beside these, formaspace also strong in some practices such like below.

1. Innovation. To design and build workbenches to precisely meet their customers’ needs.
2. Design. Their workbenches, workstations and worktable furniture are object of industrial beauty.
3. Ergonomics. Their benches, chairs, and accessories are designed to create healthy working environments.
4. Environmental Sustainability. They strive to create and encourage environmental sustainability.
5. Social Responsibility. They are committed to maximizing human potential and contributing to the global community.

For more information, please visit their website or make a call to 1-800-251-1505.


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