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Saturday, November 22nd, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Most of the time, I had my lunch at Murni restaurant before I switch my job to KLCC. Few weeks ago, that was the second time I had my dinner there with my old friend from Sarawak. I used to order the same food again, which was Roti Hawaii, because it was delicious and affordable price at RM6 ~ RM7.

Roti Hawaii
This was the Roti Hawaii, that topped with a layer of mayonnaise. Mixed with the sauce can make the food more delicious and good taste.

Special Kiwi Fruit Juice
I had ordered the special Kiwi fruit juice. It was filled in the bottle-liked cup that consists of water melon, Logan fruit, and the kiwi juice. It was sweet and good tasted. Both Roti Hawaii and Kiwi fruit juice cost RM10.

The following day which was weekend, I tried to have my lunch there again, that time I ordered the kue teow soup, which I used to ordered most of the time when I was working around SS2 area.

Kuay Tiew Soup
This was the kue teow soup, delicious and felt full after finished it. The price was increased from RM4.50 to RM5.00.

Special Honey Drew Fruit Juice 1
I ordered the special honey drew juice. This was the medium size of the juice. It tasted good just like the special kiwi juice. It also consists of water melon, jerry and the honey drew juice.

Special Honey Drew Fruit Juice 2
Really full when finished both the food and the fruit juice. Both were cost RM10, so I guess this fruit juice was RM5 for the medium size of the bottle.


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    audrey Says:

    wow,the kueh tiaw looked delicious….better than Kch de…

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