F1 Showcase at One Utama

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 | In News & The Events |

A few weeks back, there was a F1 road show at One Utama shopping complex. That time I went to One Utama for shopping, then realized that was an amazing F1 road show for the public. There were lot of people went for the road show, beautiful girls stood beside the F1 cars to attract more people came around to watch the F1 cars and possibly watch the girls too.

Beside the road show, there was the F1 car racing game for the public to play, It was interesting and fun. The event was hot, with music, play game and also allow public to participate on the game contest and win the F1 t-shirt, the contest was carry the F1 tire using your both hands, and straight your both hands for 2 minutes for male; 30 seconds for female. It was really fun and many people just sat on the seats and watching for the show.

F1 showcase 1

People was queue up to play the car racing game.

F1 showcase 2

The F1 road show attracted many visitors came to watch, There were 2 F1 cars and many people was just taking the photos and also surrounded the F1 cars.

F1 showcase 3

This was the F1 car racing game, people just had fun on playing the game. It was fun but I not participated for the game, because that was a long queue for the game.

F1 showcase 4

This was the F1 car that presented on that day, It looked small in size, and no one know whether that was a real car or It just a demo model of the F1 cars. We all can not walk near to the car there.

F1 showcase 5

The spotlight was shine on the both F1 cars, look spectacular and music was on, It made the situation just like we had on the F1 racing field. This was the first time I visiting the F1 car road show, instead of watching the F1 movie.


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