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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Last week, cyber-shot was having a showcase at KLCC, the event was great with a row of spotlights that brighten up the whole area of the stage. There were lot of visitors came around and visit the event showcases.

cyber-shot 1
This was the cyber-shot showcase at KLCC.

cyber-shot 2
Beside me, there were lot of people took photo on this event showcase. This was really impressive and worth to have a visit.

Event at The Curve
Whereas, at The Curve shopping complex, there was the Metro Jaya (MJ) showcase. There were lot of visitors that visit around to purchase the products. Metro Jaya is one stop of fashion concept and lifestyle store that offers the latest in young fashion, accessories and international cosmetics and fragrances along with the personal customer service. This chain department stores are well known in Malaysia.

Event at Ikea 1
This was the showcase at Ikea shopping complex. This time the showcase was presented those daily uses products, such like shampoo, soaps from Guardian; children table, learning tools; massage chair from Ogawa.

Event at Ikea 2
This was the great product showcase at Ikea shopping complex. Lot of parents were brought there children to buy the product and spent their weekends at Ikea shopping complex.


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