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Sunday, September 14th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Most of the shopping complex; shopping centers at west Malaysia are very different that east Malaysia’s shopping centers. The are lot of events; activity; showcases week single week, different products; services; branded goods are presented to attract public visitors from different places. You would not get bored every week shop to the same shopping center. You can also participate for the activities, if there is an activity open for public to play and fun.

cimb event at the curve
CIMB bank sponsored an event showcase at the curve shopping center, there were a lot of seat for public to watch the activity that sponsored by CIMB bank.

car show at one utama
Branded cars showcase at One Utame shopping complex. If you like the bus and need more information, the staffs will explain and answer for your every single question.

the curve showcase 1
The following week, the well design for your house hold. At the time, I was just passed by the curve shopping center, the event showcase was guide you to built and decorate your house to be the most beauty, comfortable, and your expected dream house.

the curve showcase 2
At that time, I felt the decoration and the design were unique and it was a great and comfortable sense for the placement of the plants, furniture as well as the electronic equipments. A lot of the visitors were having a view and visit to the curve for the showcase.


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