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Before you put those sponsored ads such like Google AdSense, nuffnang, Advertlets.. at your webpages to generate extra revenue, First thing that you need to learn is how effectively set it and put it on the webpages, in term of

1. The shape,
You can adjust the shape of your sponsored ads that match your website pattern and make it look consistent with other components at your website. I believe that many advertising companies have their code’s setup webpage to adjust your sponsored ads.

2. The color,
Color sense, is important that make your webpages more beautiful and attractive, consistency of the color usage is important to tidy up your whole website, make it look simple but comfortable for anyone that visit your website. Website that has many color and not consistency, i would not return to visit again, because it is hurting your eyes while you read the contents.

3. location (top, side, bottom),
Location of your sponsored ads is the trick for you to attract your visitors to awake about your ads. Mostly people put the Google AdSense just after one article, or immediate after first paragraph, It used to trick that people to click on it, so that you can generate extra revenue. I used not to mix my sponsored ads with my contents, i set it all on the right hand side, make it tidy and consistent.

4. Do not let the sponsored ads overcome your original web contents,
Certain people like to put the sponsored ads, anywhere on the webpages, at top, bottom, somehow at the bottom of every articles. Mostly i will not visits these kind of websites, because the ads are too “crowded” with ads and frustrated while reading the articles.

5. Do not allows the sponsored ads that cause your webpage loading time increased,
As the webpage loading time will be longer, if there are many sponsored ads, or sometimes at wordpress blogging platform, there are too many plugins activated are the issue that make your website in slow performance.

6. Do not put to many sponsored ads or 40% more than your original contents.
The more effectively use up your webpages, is to reduce the sponsored ads. Mostly I limit 3 units of sponsored ads at my webpages. If there are more than 3 units of sponsored ads, i will use random method to display the ads. For example,

if($displayAd==1) {
Display sponsored ads
unit #1
} else if($displayAd==2) {
Display sponsored ads unit #2
} else if($displayAd==3) {
Display sponsored ads unit #3
} else if($displayAd==4) {
Display sponsored ads unit #4
} ?>

This is method that effectively use up your single space to display 4 different units of ads randomly. If there is pay ad from direct advertiser, then you should not using this method.

Advantages are, you can display many units of ads and reduce website loading time, tidy, single space for multiple ads. Whereas the disadvantages are, you might lose a change to show visitors all the 4 ads in one time and you might also lose certain percentage of click through the ads and affect your revenue.


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