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eConnekSM is a online shop that selling automotive electrical connectors such like push and pull connector; metal connector; plastic connector. Any size, shape, type of electrical connection can be found in this website to fit your design and schedule.

eConnek-automative electrical connectors
That would be a question, why people want to buy electrical connectors from this website, while the original electrical connector was installed with the product their bought. There are 3 points that strongly answered the question.

1. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Replacement Parts, Which mean that eConnek is specialize in replacement for your original electrical connectors once the original equipment or electrical connector has been broken. The replacement parts for electrical connectors can be in medical, industrial manufacturing, military and aerospace applications.

2. Cost Effective. Electrical connectors at eConnek are very cost-effective compare to order from original manufacturer, also you might be charge a higher price if order only a small part or component of electrical connector. eConnek solve the problem by offer an alternative high-priced brand name components. It is an unbeatable price offered from eConnek.

3. Fast Shipping. In eConnek, they stick a wide variety of connector styles and specifications that are ready to be shipped within time scheduled. Time scheduled to deliver the product can be found at the right side of each product. That is fast and meet your schedule, and you not need to delay and waiting for the replacement from original manufacturer, it might be delivered after a week and take a month to reach your doorstep.

Besides these, there is a user friendly shopping card system help you to add your favourite electrical connectors and its quantity to cart and secure checkout your item. It is easy and fast with 4 steps, which are, add/ remove items to/ from shopping cart; shipping and billing information; order being reviewed; order confirmed and delivered.

eConnek ships all domestic orders via United Parcel Service (UPS). They also offer their customers to choose between standard 3 business day and basic 5 to 7 business day shipping options when they place an order.

I personally think that this would be good way in schedule to deliver their products. Set a time-frame for each of the product to delivered, so buyer more confident on receive the goods at expected time.


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