Durian fruit session

Friday, August 22nd, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Durian is a session fruit, that is one of my favorite fruit at all the time. Since last month, I guess the durian session is coming, many places are buying this famous local fruit. The price is average, sometimes is calculated by the weight (RM6~RM10 per Kilogram); sometimes the price is measure in the quantity (3 packages for RM10). Even some place offer durian buffer, such like eat until you give up with only at RM10 ~ RM20.

Durian 2
Just within a month, I have spent about RM60 ~ RM80 just for the durian. It is great to having durian as supper while enjoying the movies.

Durian 3
These are the photos of the durian that was taken most of the time after I bought the durian.

Durian 4
Three packages for RM10. Rich of contents and delicious, really full after finish all these three packages of durian.

Durian 1
According to the news, durian is the king of the fruit in southeast Asia. Their exteriors are hard, heavy and full of thorns. The fresh has a rich, complex taste and an aroma so smelly, not every people like it, and some hostels, public places are disallowed for durian.


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