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Sunday, February 10th, 2008 | In Earning Opportunities, News & The Events |

I remember that I was promoting widgetbucks at the time I joined the program. That time i really see the result of earning. But who know after 15 November 2007, blog that do not have much traffics drive from oversea countries such like Canada, US then probably they might not able to earn from widgetBucks’ Cost-per-thousand-Impressions (CPM) program. In the other words, blogs that origin from Asia countries and more traffics are drive from local regions, then they are not able to earn much from this program.

Remove WidgetBucks
A example of mine, I made $4.86 in few weeks time, before 15 November. And after 15 November 2007, there is totally $0 through the end of the year 31 December 2007.

So i suggest that, If you are confident with WidgetBucks then keep the widget on your blog, If not, act like me to remove the widget as soon as possible to save up your web space, improve the website load time, while It not bring money to us but we so kind to help them serve ads.


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