Dishonest trickers, scams at KL

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I have been working around one and half month at KL after switched from Petaling Jaya. During the first month, there were twice I made Chinese people from China who tried to borrow money from me, these were the absolute tricks and scams, lucky I not borrow even one cent to them, due to the experience I had long time ago (Cheated RM50 from a china man, who borrow from me, when I first came to KL, 2 years ago).

The tricks were very simple and classic.

1. First, they will ask you, “Do you know to speak Mandarin?”
2. Then, you will continue to say “They face some financial problem when reached Malaysia, do you mind borrow a few hundreds ringgits Malaysia for their dine and hotel fee, and they will double ~ triple return to you.”
3. Then, they will try to pretend and ask for your hand phone number and tell you that his/ her father is the president of some company at china, and money is transferring but need wait to morning that can get from the bank. So they will say no worry, next day will return the money to you.

I am telling the my story that I made two Chinese girls from china, there were the cheaters, scampers, dishonest trickers.

When I was taking photo at KLCC, the weekly showcases. Two Chinese girls approached me and they told me they were facing financial problem, they credit cards were absorb into the machine after three time password incorrectly entered. They want a few hundreds Ringgit Malaysia for foods, and hotel fee. Then I said “Ok, no problem, I give you RM10.”, they laugh at me and said no enough then they told me, they are from rich family, normally spend thousand dollars for a shirt. They were a bit show off, right.

Then I said, I not enough money in my wallet and I showed them my credit cards, bank cards and proceed to ATM machine withdrew some money (I purposely did this to analysis whether they are really face problem or the cheaters). Yes, I was right, they kept asked me, how much I withdrew and kept watching on my wallet then asked me how much my current salary. I not tell them because I felt weird and guessed they were the cheaters.

Followed I told them, I would not give them cash, but I can pay for the foods they eat, the hotel fee and I not expect the return to me, just a simple help for them. Then the continue to say, no worry, they just need cash, not need so difficult for me to go over and pay for the foods and hotel fee. And then they made up another story said, their company client will reach Malaysia at 2am that night and need few hundreds of money to buy present for their valued clients. They asked me to pay for the present after their selected from the shops. From here, I really can confirmed their were the intelligent cheaters. If facing financial problem, how could they think of their clients rather than themselves, and why they not direct asked the finance support from their clients directly.

Then I company them until 11pm, just wanna to learn what are the tricks their tried to cheat and the story their tried to make up. It was interesting and saw the ways the kept asked for borrowing money from me. Eventually, I just leaved and back home when tired communicating with them. The next day, I tried to call the number they gave me, and the number was not able to reach. Lucky not borrow even one cent to them, otherwise few hundreds just fly away like that.

A brief summery:
1. They story they tried to make up was so stupid and hard to believe.
2. They want cash, but not credit card or cheques.
3. They will keep looking on your wallet, especially when you try to show some money, credit cards in front of them. (I purposely did that to confirm they were the cheaters).
4. Conflict from their stories. They said they just arrived Malaysia, but why they not go to hotel and settle down first before go to shopping. Why they not carry luggage while they just reached Malaysia and not money to rent a room at hotel to stay. Also, they said they are from rich family, why not extra credit card, backup cash to prevent urgent needs.
5. They even pretend to be cute; show themselves in very worst situation; and wanna to be my step sisters. Then suddenly they raise the borrowing amount of money to RM1000. That time I was thinking, how were the girls from rich family background will lost their pride, their dignity just wanna borrow RM1000 from me.
6. I company them around 2 hours, and they kept persuade me for money. They tried every ways such like made a call to her father’s assistance; and my bank account number; ordered her father assistance to transfer money to my bank account. They kept said “thank you, please borrows money to us”.

From points to points, I knew they are the cheaters, that why I wanna to discover more the tricks their have for my experiences and knowledge for future prevention.

Beware, when you are traveling or visiting to KL area, not need to bring much money, just bring your credit card for shopping will be enough. Good to prevent those people, who fall in love on your hard earned money.

Better solutions are pretend you are not understand mandarin; suggest them to police station; bring them to meet China’s Ambassador.


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