Digi Road Show @ KLCC Concourse

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

There has been a change of dates for the Digi road show at KLCC concourse. The road show will be started on 5th November until 9th November. This will be the great news for all the Digi prepaid or postpaid users, the support counters will be welcome for any inquiry about the Digi services. You can also take photos will the Digi’s Yellow men or act as the Digi’s Yellow man on the road show.

Today, the stage has just been built from early in the morning and all the Digi’s promoters are get really for the road show tomorrow.

Digi Showcase 1
This was the stage for the road show tomorrow, it looks spectacular.

Digi Showcase 2
DiGi: It is always the smarter choice
DiGi: Changing perception, challenging the norm “Discover DiGi and discover what drives us to achieve more”.

DiGi: Like something, get more of it.

I have been using Digi prepare for nearly three years, so far the services are good, call rate is absolutely cheap especially the friends and family; friends and family plus features; birthday reload 50% bonus and much more to discovers about the rewards that given by the Digi. In my opinion, I think Digi will be the best mobile phone service provider in Malaysia.


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