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Sunday, May 4th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Sources From Mails |

There are quite a few days not having any post at my weblog here, due to heavy workload at company since many of my seniors had resigned from the company. I never forget the moment to enjoy the foods, dessert and the photos related to it.

This is another set of desserts photo from my friend, food is the energy source for our daily life, no matter how busy you are and how urgent of the issues waiting you to solve, one thing you can not put away or forgot is enjoy your meal, your food and your dessert.

Tea Break with dessert 23
A seldom seen of special food desert, called as vanilla ice-cream with oren cream, it could be mess up to have an Oren smell on the vanilla ice-cream.

Tea Break with dessert 22
Scoops of multi-favour ice-cream + fruits jazz (strawberry; kiwi; mango). If you could put some honey/ chocolate onto it, can not imagine how good the taste is it. I tasted the fruit with chocolate fountain before, it was really nice, but it is very sweet, might desire for more plain water.

Tea Break with dessert 21
The Cherry cake with the heavy egg ingredient.

Tea Break with dessert 20
A glass of ice-cool strawberry juice. It was make up with three layers, the strawberry pure water; juice; and thick level of ice on the top portion.

Tea Break with dessert 19
Ice-bowl of fruits (strawberry, Oren, kiwi, grape, apple, with ice). Certain photos are not origin from my camera, there are the watermark of the respect owner.


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