Dessert, great food of a day

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Sources From Mails |

This will be another set of cake, cookie, pie photos from my email, sent by my ex-colleague. All the dessert are really nice in photo shot, look attractive and delicious. Some more make me more desire to eat when the first time I saw these dessert photos.

Tea Break with dessert 6
The delicious Big Foot chocolate cookie, for one person after the meal. It is good if mix with the fruit juice or a glass of fresh milk.

Tea Break with dessert 5
The monster brownie pie, It seems sweet and delicious, no one can resist the temptation of its attraction. It was surrounded by a layer of cream, make it looks like a pie.

Tea Break with dessert 4
A normal layers of cake, with peanut and chocolate taste.

Tea Break with dessert 3
A fruit cake with jerry fruit and vanilla taste of the cake.

Tea Break with dessert 2
A cream and biscuit cake for your leisure or tea break dessert.

Tea Break with dessert 1
Another is the mango cake, fully make of mango fruit, with a cream on the top of each piece of the cake. Normally, you can find all these cake at any cake shop, some are specially designed for certain occasion. All look delicious and temptation.


2 Comments to “Dessert, great food of a day”

  1. Comment 1
    audrey Says:

    wow…tempted me to eat again..

  2. Comment 2
    LimCorp Says:

    Audrey.. forgot i got sent you these dessert photos already.haha..

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