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Cascading style sheets (CSS) is the essential element that required for the web development, It used to handle the web pages’ presentation such like font, positioning color and style information and make a beauty of your website and allows you to easily link to other documents in your website. It also allows you to retain control over the various element in different web pages of your website.

Basically, There are 9 advantages of using CSS in your web development.

1. Webpages are easier to load and uses less bandwidth, because they are lighter than table layout and the style sheet is downloaded only once and stored in the cache memory.

2. CSS compliments well with HTML, especially when combined both CSS and HTML they can result in technically stronger webpages.

3. CSS allows you to position your element anywhere in the webpages and CSS reduce the risks associated with maintenance of the website.

4. CSS is compatible with all web browsers, and the websites that use CSS appear similar in all the web browsers.

5. CSS can be used to print friendly webpages. In term of images, sentences, words, layout can be easily print, it look tidy printed out on A4 size paper.

6. CSS allows user to customize the webpages without affecting the contents. This is because CSS style sheets are stored externally and allow user to make requisite changes by themselves.

7. CSS makes it easier for your website to feature in search engines, and it also gives cleaner HTML codes thus cutting down the job of web spider to search the real content from the multiple table usage codes.

8. CSS allows the webpages to have absolute consistency because all the expressions and text will get their characteristics from external style sheet and It makes easily altered at any time from the external .css file.

9. CSS leads portability to content. This provides user the great flexibility in presenting they website content.

CSS is created to make the things easier for your website and also to give you control all over different elements in your website. Most of the great web designer, strongly use CSS to make their website become web2.0 (Table-less) and get listed on many CSS directory. This could be the solid reasons for me to further down learning the usage of CSS and apply to my webpages and weblog.


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