Creative Chocolates (Part 2)

Thursday, January 17th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Sources From Mails |

Continued from the first post about the Creative Chocolates, here are more chocolates photos, that are really look in design, the shape, and every plate of creative chocolates can bring you different taste and feel of sense. If you are not look carefully onto it, you might think these are accessory photos and never realize that they are chocolates.

Creative Chocolate 6
Radish alike colorful chocolate. Yummy.

Creative Chocolate 5
A couple of radish chocolate. Look perfect.

Creative Chocolate 7
Radish strawberry with chocolate cream. A plate of favourite chocolate taste strawberry. It is spectacular that all the strawberry are produced is such a creative way.

Creative Chocolate 8
Classic and radish shape of strawberry mix with chocolate layer on the surface. It would be nice to serve your customers and friends at party.


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