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Monday, March 17th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

A few month ago, I was spent my Chinese New Year holiday at Kuching my hometown there. I remember the next day just after I arrived at Kuching, I went to have dinner at my friend cafe with my girl friend. That was my first time visiting his cafe since he started open his cafe around half year ago and I am working at PJ, Selangor here, so not able to go to his cafe this long time.

Lamb Chop
This was the chop that introduced by my friend, lamb chop. No matter in term of decoration, design, shape of the plate are really special. Also he cook much more lamb meat and extra sauce for my dinner without extra charges.

Chicken Chop
This was the chicken chop that ordered by my girl friend, look more delicious than mine.

Chicken and Lamb Chop
I took a photo for both chicken and lamb chops, It looks like we had a great dinner that time at his cafe. We also had ordered some drinks but I forgot to take photos on it, so pity that miss out the beverages photos when we had chat and enjoy the best foods at that time.

It was really full after I finished the lamb chop. Haha. Thanks Lawrence for your special cook of the chicken and lamb chops for us, I will revisit your cafe once I back to my hometown again.


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