Colleague Birthday Celebration

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, News & The Events |

Last Friday was my colleague birthday. Due to tight schedule on the projects, we just had short celebration with him, at the office. Before the celebration, we went to a Mamak stall (Indian food stall) to have our lunch there. It is located at SS2, PJ and the place quite nice as well as the food.

Mamak Stall - Fried Rice
I was ordered the fried rice, I can say this could be the best Mamak stall that cook such a nice fried rice. But this plate of fried rice cost me RM8.00, really not worth. After the dinner, me and other colleagues went to Berry cake shop to buy the cake.

Berry Cake Shop
A variety of cakes in different shape, taste, weight. They have fruits cake, ice-cream cakes and more. After a few minutes of choosing, we decided to buy the Mocha Cake (RM27.00) for 500 Grams, then rush back to office.

Light up the cake
This was the cake, we were preparing the cake, drinks, plates, spoons at the kitchen and put the candles onto the cake and light up the candles, then gave a surprise to my birthday colleague, who was working at his desk. We sang a song and brought the cake and walked slowly to the working desks.

My portion of cake
My birthday colleague was so surprise and happy, when we carried the cake and sang a birthday song to him. I get the large portion of the mocha cake, It tasted good with the chocolate and the strawberry, grape fruit.

My cake and coke
I ate the cake with the soft drink (Coke), absolutely enjoy that moment. Quite a long time, did not have birthday celebration at office, this could be best to fulfill our foods desire before continue to work hard on the projects.

Mamak Stall - Fried Rice 2Berry Cake Shop 2 My cake photo


2 Comments to “Colleague Birthday Celebration”

  1. Comment 1
    Eva Says:

    What an expensive lunch you have got! RM8.00. which mamak stall you are referring to? is it pelita?

  2. Comment 2
    LimCorp Says:

    Eva, not pelita, it is the mamak stall near the police station, opposite the Wong kok restaurant, SS2 PJ. No plate, only got number, which is 52.

    It was delicious, but RM8.00 for a fried rice without drink, never go again.hahaha.

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