Christmas Scenes @ the curve

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Last Sunday, I was re-visited to the curve shopping center. That time all the decoration for this coming Christmas had been fully completed. It was much more beautiful then before with the colorful lights, Christmas angels, animals statues, fountain and the whole design was really attractive. The Christmas decoration was involved the whole shopping complex, from the entrance to the center of the hall and almost every store inside the shopping complex were having a Christmas tree.

the curve - Christmas decoration 3
The overview of the Christmas scene at the curve shopping complex. From bottom to the top at the center hall there, was full of the colorful lights and Christmas tree.

the curve - Christmas decoration 6
The small-like garden that full of Christmas decoration, and lot of people were visiting and taking photo around the Christmas tree and around the small-like garden.

the curve - Christmas decoration 8
A Christmas angel and the elephant status at the corner of the garden with a small Christmas tree behind them.

the curve - Christmas decoration 7
I was taking a lot of photos and this one was taken from the second floor.

the curve - Christmas decoration 15
A small fountain at another side of corner, an angel was standing there.

the curve - Christmas decoration 1the curve - Christmas decoration 2the curve - Christmas decoration 4
From the south entrance to the center of the hall was beautiful and full of attraction.

the curve - Christmas decoration 13the curve - Christmas decoration 13the curve - Christmas decoration 11
The huge Christmas tree and animals status on show at the center of the hall.

the curve - Christmas decoration 14 the curve - Christmas decoration 10the curve - Christmas decoration 9
The round Christmas roll and big Christmas tree to beauty the whole shopping complex, the big giraffe status and the big Christmas tree with the colorful lights and the balls.

Many places have started selling Christmas stuffs, many shops give special offer, promotion and encourage people to buy something for this coming Christmas festival.


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