Christmas Scene @ Ikea

Saturday, December 6th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Three more weeks, there will be the Christmas holiday, almost all the shopping complexes; shopping centers have gradually setup the beautiful decoration at the center hall, or the main entrance to welcome this coming Christmas festival. Beside the curve shopping complex, last week Ikea also had their unique yet attractive Christmas scene just inside the main entrance of the Ikea shopping complex.

Christmas at Ikea 1
A big statue and white color of the Christmas trees were placed at the main entrance, lot of people were taken photos in front the snow man statue.

Christmas at Ikea 2
There was a stage, a man was wearing the Santa Claus costume and sat on the sofa that beside the Christmas tree lot of kids were having a photo in this beautiful scene with  the Santa Claus.

Christmas at Ikea 3
The scene was simple but attractive scene, many people came around and took photos.

Christmas at Ikea 4
Besides the Christmas decoration, there were lot of shops that start selling Christmas stuffs, for house decoration, book, toys, foods and so on.

Christmas at Ikea 5
Whereas, outside the shopping complex, there was a play ground that open for kids to play.

Christmas at Ikea 6
A row of stall that selling various of thing such like A&W, T-shirt, beverages, Digi, Maxis Broadband and so on, this was the first time I saw this situation, and all cars were disallowed to enter this area..

Christmas at Ikea 8
In front the stalls, there was having horse riding program for those who want to experience on riding a horse.

Christmas at Ikea 9
Many people were queued up for the horse riding, especially those small kids.

Christmas at Ikea 10
Lastly, I also visited to the new opened All IT computer shop at the highest floor of the Ikea shopping complex. This brand of All IT was opened one month ago and there are selling lot of computer accessories, hardware, laptop, personal computer and so on.


5 Comments to “Christmas Scene @ Ikea”

  1. Comment 1
    Christmas Scene @ Ikea | Attract Shoppers Says:

    […] more here: Christmas Scene @ Ikea December 5, 2008 • Tags: christmas, inside-the-main, memory […]

  2. Comment 2
    audrey Says:

    hi…haha…how come you din try to ride on the horse also? if i were there, i’m sure will try …

  3. Comment 3
    LimCorp Says:

    Audrey, I never ride horse before and that time did not see any adult people riding. Hahahaha.

  4. Comment 4
    audrey Says:

    haha…since no adult riding the horse, then you should be the first to ride on it, then other people will follow…hahaha

  5. Comment 5
    LimCorp Says:

    Audrey, ok next time will first queue up to ride the horse.. hahahaha.

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