Celebration and lunch at Carl’s Junior

Friday, September 26th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Thank you for all my colleagues that spent time and money to celebrate my birthday. Two days ago was my birthday and I came to office as usual, during the lunch time, my colleagues were suggested to pavilion for lunch. Normally we not going that high class restaurants at pavilion for our lunch, only for birthday celebration and special occasion then we will go there for the special dine.

When reached pavilion, there were lot of restaurants. From KFC to Pizza Hut, from Nando’s chicken to Carl’s junior restaurants. Variety of choice, then I choice to try for Carl’s junior buggers restaurant. Frankly say, I never heard about Carl’s restaurant before, so just wanna to try it up, whether the foods is good or just normal.

carl’s jurnior
This was the restaurant, located at the corner of the corridor. It just beside the Nando’s and KFC restaurant.

Jalapeno Burger 1
There have variety of burgers, such like mushroom combo bugger, Jalapeno chicken combo burger and more. So I just ordered Jalapeno chicken burger, since the burger name so special.

Jalapeno Burger 2
This was the contents of the Jalapeno burger, lot of green chili and a bit sour. The name quite special, but the burger just average. I removed the green chili, then It taste much better. The only special at this restaurant is the burger large in size.

This is the French fried. I would prefer the MacDonald one instead of Carl’s junior. Besides these, there was a small cup of drink, and you can get the soft drink as much as you want at the pump machine there. This set of dine cost RM22.80, the value and the taste for this dine was not I expected.

chocolate cake celebration
After the lunch, we went back to office. My colleagues were bought the cake on the way back to office. This was the cake after light up with the candles. They sang a song and celebrate with me at office meeting room, really thanks for all my colleagues.

Nando’s Nando’s chicken wing
At evening, my colleagues bought the Nando’s chicken wing. We ate together and watch some movie clip from youTube. Really enjoy the working life at my current company.


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