Cappuccino Cake

Thursday, September 25th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Cake is one of my favorite food and dessert but I seldom spend much on cake, only sometime have dine with colleagues, farewell party or birthday celebration then I will spend and enjoy the cake.

One day before my birthday 2008 which was two days ago, I decided to buy a small cake for myself, so after work I went to KL, Petaling street to search for the cake and my dinner. Around half a hour, I still not able to find the cake that I like with the reasonable price, because the cakes prices at KL are considered expensive around RM27 to RM50 for a 300 grams of small cake, after surveyed and walked around the cake shop.

Eventually, I decided to the curve shopping center to search for the cake, and It is near to my living place. When I reached the curve shopping center, I went to Tesco building which is the building next to the curve. Secret recipe, KFC, donut cake house, chicken rice restaurant and much more food stalls were located in the ground floor then I proceed to find the cake. I found the cake I like “Small Cappuccino cake” at 350 Grams only sell for RM18, while the price tag was stated RM20. This is reasonable and affordable price, and cake house is opposite the secret recipe. So I just bought the cake.

cake box
My cake was put inside this box.

Cappuccino cake 350G 2
This was the small cappuccino cake, with two chocolate plates and cherry fruits.

Cappuccino cake 350G and KFC
Besides the cake, I also went to the KFC to buy the snack plate for my dinner. That was my great delicious dinner and I used to finished the whole cake by myself while enjoying the movie show. This could be the best reward for myself after hard works for this long time.

Cappuccino cake 350G 3 Cappuccino cake 350G 1
More photos for the cake.


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