BMW Bicycles

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BMW is a well known brand name for those luxury vehicles, and yesterday I had received an email about the bicycles that manufactured from BMW. These BMW brand of bicycles were uniquely designed with sturdy aluminum frame, front hand-brake, built-in zippered storage compartment, reflectors and a bell. These bicycles are cool and their special design and patterns were increased the balancing, comfortable seat and best for leisure ride.

BMW Bicycle 1
BMW bicycle one.

BMW Bicycle 2
BMW bicycle two.

BMW Bicycle 3
BMW bicycle three.

BMW Bicycle 4
BMW bicycle four.

BMW Bicycle 5
BMW bicycle five.

BMW Bicycle 6
BMW bicycle six.

BMW Bicycle 7
BMW bicycle seven.

BMW Bicycle 8
BMW bicycle eight.

Even through the pattern look very abnormal, this is really amazing and cool design of bicycles from BMW. Besides these, the price for each of these bicycles is quite expensive. According to my research, it is approximated from $300 to $ 2400.


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    bmw service Says:

    These bikes are awesome did they make it t production?

    car service

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