Birthday dinner at “Wei Yuan Xiang”

Sunday, June 8th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

I went to a birthday dinner at “Wei Yuan Xiang” last month. The location is after the bridge of Batu Kawa. It is just beside the road. Therefore, it is easy to find the location.

The dinner was started about 7pm. The place was crowded with around 80 peoples.

I will share with you here with some photos.

Here comes the first dish.
Fried Mee Hoon
It is started with a fried mee hoon.


Followed by the second dish. I don’t how to call it in english. It is mixed with a few ingredians such like prawn, jelly fish and egg.


Here comes the soup. It is the normal soup that most people will order. A bit salty.



This one is the pork leg. Most of the chinese people like to order this dish, mostly during chinese new year, birthday or some other occations. They will not miss out this dish.


The prawn. It is quite nice.
Lastly the cake. Actually there were few some photos which I did not showed it due to the effect was blur. The cake was ordered from the Taka cake house. It is not sponsored by the shop. Haha….

Overall the dishes quite nice. But the service is not like the service in other restaurant. They will serve you softdrink without ice. You have to ask for the ice cute. Thier service was quite simple. Everything you will felt different if compared to other restaurant.
No matter what is it, I will give thanks that today i still can enjoy food and drinks.

Wish you all have a nice day. :)



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