Big Christmas tree @ KLCC Concourse Area

Monday, December 8th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

After my office moved from KLCC to Ampang Park, I have seldom been KLCC but sometime I will visit to KLCC and other shopping complexes during weekends. KLCC is the model and the most famous place for tourists, although most of the stuffs are expensive at KLCC shops, many people will visit it especially during the weekends, from the branded shops at ground floor to the Petrosains (the discovery centre) at the highest floor, and also the KLCC Aquaria (an ocean of discovery).

For this coming Christmas festive session, there is a big Christmas tree at KLCC concourse area. This is the biggest and highest Christmas tree I had seen among the several Christmas trees at different shopping complexes. Those workers were taken five to six days to build this Christmas tree with all the decoration at two weeks ago. This delightful sight was attracted many visitors came to KLCC.

Big Christmas Tree at KLCC 1
The biggest Christmas tree at KLCC. Although there is not colorful light but it quite beautiful and elegant with the little decoration on the surface of the tree.

Big Christmas Tree at KLCC 2
The body of the Christmas tree is big and wide, and many empty boxes are put area the tree as the present boxes.

Big Christmas Tree at KLCC 3
This was the first time, I saw this big and tall Christmas tree at KLCC. I remember last year when I traveled to Singapore, there was no surprise that every famous streets and shopping centers were having the big Christmas tree decoration.

Big Christmas Tree at KLCC 4
Anyone is welcomed to have a great photo in front this big and tall Christmas tree. Since those workers were taking almost one week to build this Christmas tree, so this concourse area will might be reserved for this Christmas tree until after the Christmas day.

Big Christmas Tree at KLCC 5
Those present boxes were really big, that put on the floor that surround the big Christmas tree.

KLCC Christmas tree 7
Besides the Christmas tree, there were lot of big Christmas presents were hanging all over the KLCC, it is the time to welcome this coming Christmas festive session.

Big Christmas Tree at KLCC 6
Besides me, there lot of people were taking the photos of this big Christmas tree.


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