Ballons party and showcase

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Beside the F1 Cars road show. Just beside it, at the One Utama, there was another showcase which was the balloons showcase and events. It was really amazing that people use the balloons to build the shape of animals, flowers and so on, straight to the level 2 of the building. The animals, flowers were big in size and very cute too.

There were many people work hard to build this balloons kingdom, and used up more than 1 week to complete all the balloons works. That end with the result of perfect, spectacular and amazing. I just took a few photos from the process of their works for the 2 weeks of the showcase.

Ballon showcase 4
Many people group together to build the balloons kingdom. Everyone looked serious and helping each other.

Ballon showcase 2
They were working hard to build the balloons about 2 level high, and this was the first week they work for the balloons and setting up everything for it.

Ballon showcase 3
They also made the balloons and tied it on the middle of the shopping complex, really looked beautiful.

After a week, I came to One Utama again.

Ballon showcase 5
This was the second weekend that I re-visit to the One Utama shopping complex there. All the balloons works had been done, and many people was selling thing there and also many visitor and buyers came around there.

Ballon showcase 6
I can see, many people was taking photos, watched for the balloons showcase from level 2 of the shopping complex.

Ballon showcase 7
This was the amazing balloons showcase at One Utama, It was really impressive and feel good. As I can see, every week there is a different showcase at One Utama, Ikea, the Curve, so I always visit to these place during the weekends.


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