Ashop commerce shopping cart software (Part 2)

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Continue from my previous post Ashop Commerce that describe about the benefits and free trial of Ashop Commerce online store. This post probably describe more about Ashop commerce in

I have seen many shopping cart software before, and even tried to build a shopping cart e-commerce portal during my previous employment. I never see an e-commerce shopping cart software such like Ashop Commerce shopping cart that consists a huge list of features;

Ashop Commerces Setup Setup,
Ashop Commerces Inventory Inventory,
Ashop Commerces Design Layout and design,
Ashop Commerces Payments Payment Options,
Ashop Commerces Shipping Shipping and tax,
Ashop Commerces Optimization Web optimization,
Ashop Commerces Analysis Sales analysis,
Ashop Commerces Service and Support Service and support,
Ashop Commerces Customer Accomodation Repeat customer accommodation,
Ashop Commerces Affiliates Affiliates,
Ashop Commerces SMS SMS alerts,
Ashop Commerces DB System Database and system,
Ashop Commerces Hosting Hosting,
Ashop Commerces Security Security

A complete set of online help, PDF format or video step by step teaching on how to manage your online store with the e-commerce software.
Ashop commenrce online help

With 4 years of e-commerce experiences, Ashop Commerce has full of up to date information from major developers, search engine optimization experts, e-marketers to built a complete and the most desired shopping cart software for current markets’ needs. We can not denied the best services and support from the Testimonials return by their customers/ featured clients.

Besides these, Ashop Commerce provides free leading course and free web promotion tools such like below to help you increase your sales volume at your online store.

1. Key suggestion tool/ Keyword density analyzer
This tools allows you to find the related keyword search terms, so that it can be used in your marketing strategy for drive in more sales to your online store. The most popular key search you used, the most hits you might get, this would increase not only the traffic to you website but the main steam is the sales volume.

2. Search engine submission.
This tool is very useful to promote your website and online store. You need to submit your website URL to some well know search engine such like Yahoo, Google. Once your website URL has been indexed, people around the world would be easy to find your website through the search engine. Simple and easy.

3. Link popularity check.
This tool refers to the total number of access that direct links to your websites or referral links that came from search engine or other website. The purpose of this is to let you know, which products that you listed on the webpage are hot and more visit and page viewed, so that you can more focus in promotion and target sales to the right audiences with the right products on your online store. This also let you see how your is website popular compares to your competitors.

4. Check your site visibility
Use Google tools, because Google generates more search engine traffic than other search engines on the Internet, so it is important that your site have be crawled and listed. Check it here.

After i signed up for the trial version of Ashop commerce online store, It took only a few minutes for customization. There are list of features, layout themes, user friendly and beautiful graphic design.

Ashop Commenrce Administrator
Administrator control webpage.

Ashop Commenrce Trial
My simple online store, that consists of shopping cart feature, that easy for customers to checkout and pay through third party online payment processors such like Paypal. My accessible online store url is

This post is brought to you by Ashop Commerce.


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