Amazing Christmas decoration at Mid Valley

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It has been long time I not visit to Mid Valley shopping complex since October 2008. Two days ago, I was visited to Mid Valley to purchase something for the preparation of my trip to Hong Kong at this 20th of December 2008. This time, the whole shopping complex was having an absolute Christmas decoration and lot of people shopping and visiting inside the shopping complex.

In both North and Center courts were fully decorated with the Christmas trees, beautiful lights, human-made of the snow scene.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 5
The time when I walked into the shopping complex, there were lot of people surround the Center court, as well as the North court at another end of the shopping complex. This was the great view of the colorful Christmas trees with the tiny lights all over the North court.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 4
A lot of families were taken photos around, with this beautiful Christmas trees and attractive Christmas decoration after the curve shopping center.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 3
From ground floor to the highest level of the shopping complex were full of visitors.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 6
The snow were fall from the highest floor. Those workers were using the big machine to made the snow scene that float, fall from the top and the snow were not cold, it just made people think they were enjoy the fun at the snowing place, at the same time the music were played from time to time.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 2
Most of the people were spend a lot of time on taking photos at the ground floor in front of these beautiful scenes.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 1
This photo was taken from the Center court of the shopping complex inside the Mid Valley. In here, there was a big stage and visitors were allowed to take photos with the Santa Clause in front of the colorful Christmas tree.

Every shopping complex has different unique and colorful decoration to attract more visitors to visit and shopping around, these were made the Christmas and New year 2009 festive sessions become more vivid and lively.


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