Alexa annouce of the new ranking system

Friday, April 18th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Few days ago, I had notice that my weblog ranking at was drop quite seriously and I thought that because of visitors or the server downtime would be the reasons. After that I was surfing to a few well known blogs, they also had the ranking drop difficulty at, so I browsed to and saw the new announcement about their new ranking system.

Visit for more information, you can give some positive and negative feedback at their comments box. I could saw that, some people was disappointed about this new ranking system, and some were happy about this news maybe because their website’ ranking remain the same.

Some example websites such like Probolgger used to have 2,600 and now drop to 12,900, Daily Blog Tips used to have 14,000 and drop to 68,000, used to have 168 and now drop to 289. This new ranking system was a significant change and give a big smack to many websites or weblogs.


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