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  Merry Christmas @ Happy New Year 2009

Monday, December 22nd, 2008 | In LimCorp Dot Net |

This is a short post for this coming Christmas and New year 2009.

Very soon, Christmas and New year are coming soon. Everyone is get into the Christmas and New Year mood to decorate they house, shopping around for this coming festive sessions. Once a year we having this great holidays to put down all the stress and works, and it will be the best time to relax and enjoy this great holidays with family and friends.

Beside these, this festive seasons are also the best time to forgive and forget past mistakes, learn from the mistakes and to be more capable and efficient no matter in which situations.

Merry Christmas
Early wish everyone Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2009, may everyone has a prospect, wealthy and healthy New year.

I will not around for this coming two weeks, while traveling to other places. Anyway, thank you for visiting my weblog.

  Amazing Christmas decoration at Mid Valley

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

It has been long time I not visit to Mid Valley shopping complex since October 2008. Two days ago, I was visited to Mid Valley to purchase something for the preparation of my trip to Hong Kong at this 20th of December 2008. This time, the whole shopping complex was having an absolute Christmas decoration and lot of people shopping and visiting inside the shopping complex.

In both North and Center courts were fully decorated with the Christmas trees, beautiful lights, human-made of the snow scene.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 5
The time when I walked into the shopping complex, there were lot of people surround the Center court, as well as the North court at another end of the shopping complex. This was the great view of the colorful Christmas trees with the tiny lights all over the North court.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 4
A lot of families were taken photos around, with this beautiful Christmas trees and attractive Christmas decoration after the curve shopping center.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 3
From ground floor to the highest level of the shopping complex were full of visitors.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 6
The snow were fall from the highest floor. Those workers were using the big machine to made the snow scene that float, fall from the top and the snow were not cold, it just made people think they were enjoy the fun at the snowing place, at the same time the music were played from time to time.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 2
Most of the people were spend a lot of time on taking photos at the ground floor in front of these beautiful scenes.

Christmas Scene at Mid Valley 1
This photo was taken from the Center court of the shopping complex inside the Mid Valley. In here, there was a big stage and visitors were allowed to take photos with the Santa Clause in front of the colorful Christmas tree.

Every shopping complex has different unique and colorful decoration to attract more visitors to visit and shopping around, these were made the Christmas and New year 2009 festive sessions become more vivid and lively.

  Surveillance Cameras at Alert System Store

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Software & Commerce |

Alarm System Store is an one stop online store that selling the Surveillance Cameras and the accessories. They are offering the best quality of the surveillance cameras in the affordable price and they have various types of the surveillance system listed on their website, and all the surveillance cameras use 1/3 inches Sony or Sharp ccd chip, produced the best image quality and low light performance available. Buyer can choose any application of the surveillance system that suitable for themselves.

Alarm System Store
In this advanced technology age, using these digital surveillance system could help to routinely save money, increase profits and improve security. If you are looking to keep your home or office safe then you should consider the need of the surveillance cameras. According to the research, there are several benefits that surveillance cameras provide the great benefits.

1. One of the benefits is to protect the home, the both motion sensors with lights connected to the cameras able to track and record down someone who approached to your house.

2. Keep an eye on what happens in the home while you are away, you could access to your surveillance cameras anywhere, anyplace thought the Internet access.

3. If you running your own business, surveillance cameras could help you save money on hiring a team of security guard to secure your business.

4. It could stop the theft before they break into your house, surveillance cameras will made them think twice before action.

5. Surveillance cameras can work all the time without stop. With these benefits available, surveillance cameras are very helpful to protect personal home and business at all the time.

  Christmas Tree @ Damansara Cineleisure

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

I have shopped around the shopping centers and shopping complex around the KL and PJ areas. About two weeks ago, I was visited to the curve shopping complex and Damansara Cineleisure. They also having a big decoration to welcome this coming Christmas festive session.

Christmas Tree at Cineleisure 1
The big Christmas tree was built, although it not as tall as the Christmas tree at KLCC, not very attractive view and scene, many people were taking photos and visit around after the movie show at the Cinema.

Christmas Tree at Cineleisure 2
This area also the place that people use to have the road show, showcase of branded cars, events activity and so on. Normally, during the weekends, there are lot of stores having sell in this area, there are selling the T-shirt, souvenirs, foods, beverages. There will be more visitors during the weekends because this area is the most high class place among the Damansara, all the branded shops, bars, Red-box karaoke, restaurants such like Friday’s, Italian and Taiwan style, Western style, Eastern style of restaurant can be found among this street.


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