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  The XML Challenge

Sunday, November 30th, 2008 | In Contests Announced, Just For Reviews |

This will be a great news for all the XML/ XQuery language developers. There is a International DB2 Users Group ~ IDUG contest/ competition especially for the students, professional, hobbyists and anyone who like programming and wish to participate the contest to challenge themselves with others for the great prizes.

Prize for XML Contest
The grant prizes for each categories of the contest.

There are three categories of the contest open for public to participate.
1. The video mania contest. This contest is opened to both students and professional developers. You are required to invent a creative use of XML, XQuery or DB2 then record the whole process as a video format file then submit it before 28 February 2009.

2. The query challenge contest. It is a way for you to learn the XML and query language that related to DB2 and make use of your knowledge into practice, you challenge is to apply the knowledge to the real life through witting queries to find the multiple choice answers in an XML version of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) world fact book. you can use the XQuery to find five answers, and the best queries has written will able to win the grant prize.

3. The programming contest, and this contest is only open for students and maximum persons within the team is four members. The most important thing on the programming is the data, while XML is pervasive in the way data in stored, exchanged, analyzed, transferred and also being processed. DB2 9 is the first of its data server to store both relational and XML data side by side. So this is a challenge for those participants to build an application that uses IBM’s breakthrough technology, they need to explain to the judges how to install, run and evaluate their application, and point out the advantages of the pure XML or XML technologies that has been built by themselves.
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  The Curve @ Christmas Tree

Sunday, November 30th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Less than one month, Christmas is coming soon. Once a year, this coming festival makes people around to celebrate with friends and family, it will also be a great holiday time for shopping and visiting around the shopping complex.

Many places, shopping centers; shopping complex are slowly have Christmas decorations such like the Christmas tree, beautiful lights, and so on. Last week I was visited to The Curve shopping complex at Petaling Jaya. They were constructing the new decoration for this coming Christmas.

The Curve, Christmas tree 1
Those workers were cooperated to make a small like of the garden with a big Christmas tree in the center of the shopping complex. This was the great idea of the Interior design, in order to build this new decoration in unique and creative look and feel.

The Curve, Christmas tree 2
This was quite impressive view of the new decoration. I believe there must spend a long time on planning this attractive yet beautiful decoration especially for this coming Christmas festival.

  McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Foldover

Saturday, November 29th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

This weekdays were my busy working days, I was asked to lead another project and the given time frame is short, so i got to rush for it until 9 ~ 10pm certain days. Since company only allow us to claim allowance on weekends; claim foods (less than RM20) on weekdays. So I just fully spend the over time claimable money for the great foods and meals.

McDonald’s grilled chicken foldover, it is a great taste meal that consists of fresh crunchy vegetables, tomatoes and lightly grilled chicken patties that wrapped in a toasted flat bread. I have seen lots of advertisements about grilled chicken foldover from McDonald’s, but never try this food before, so last Monday I decided to use the over time claimable money for McDonald’s grilled chicken foldover.

McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Foldover 2
This was the whole set package of the grilled chicken foldover, which include the McShaker fries, big size of coke. It only cost RM12.10.

McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Foldover 4
The contains of the grilled chicken foldover has two tomatoes, vegetables and two grilled chicken meal. Above photo was how it looks when I opened the box, it was lot of different with the nice wrapped as on the advertisement, but it does not matter because it really taste good and delicious while mixed the grilled chicken meats with tomatoes along with the special sauce inside the toasted flat bread.
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  Lunch at McDonald’s Restaurant

Saturday, November 29th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Last week, me and my colleagues were having our lunch at McDonald’s restaurant which is located at KLCC’s food court. This was my first time having lunch at McDonald’s since nine months ago.

Most of the time, I will go KFC for my dine, maybe because the price at KFC is slightly cheaper than McDonald’s; McDonald’s has not variable of foods to choose, and it mainly on selling burger; nuggets and grilled chicken foldover only.

mcdonald’s 1
That day, I was ordered the McChicken burger with add on McShaker fries and big size of coke. The price for this package included the added was cost RM10.25.

mcdonald’s 2
McShaker is the special pepper source ingredients with orange color, that uses to mix with the fries, it makes the fries spicy and good taste.

As conclude, the burger and the vegetable were not fresh enough and felt sour when ate the vegetable that topped above the chicken meat, only the chicken and the fries are good tasted. That is not a good idea to order the burger from McDonald’s.


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