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  Murni @ the delicious foods

Friday, October 31st, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

It has been long time not having my dine at Murni since I switched my job from SS2 to KLCC about three months ago. Last week I met my old college friend at KLCC after work and we were having the same direction to the terminal of LRT station at Kelana Jaya. From there, we planned to have our dinner at the famous cafe “Murni”, which is located at SS2 the same row of public bank.

Murni served many different kind of foods from fried to steam; from local style of roti canai to western style-like of foods. The most famous local dishes such like roti Hawaii; roti chicken; roti scramble; sizzling chicken chop; spaghetti black paper; fried rice and much more, those rotis are having different contents and topped with different type of sauce, mayonnaise, tomato. There have lot of special beverage such like ice-blended mango special; kiwi special; honey drew special; water melon special; teh ice and so on.

That night, we were ordered some special foods because these special foods such like roti Hawaii, roti Nan only available at evening whereas during the lunch time, they only serve those normal foods such like fried rice, fried mee and no much of choice.

Murni - Hawaii Pizza 1
This was my dinner, Roti Hawaii that topped with a layer of mayonnaise and three different sauces (Curry chicken, Curry fish and tomato chili). Mixed the sauces with the Roti Hawaii make the foods more delicious.
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  Best overall credit card at Mega Credit

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 | In Credit Cards & Rewards, Just For Reviews |

In this advanced technology age, having a credit card is getting important no matter you are a businessman, student or a professional person, because credit card always gives you the convenient way to pay your bills, online transactions, prior online booking for the air tickets/ products in front of your computer.

Choosing the right credit card that suit your needs is the initial step to get your desired credit card. The are lot of aspects to be considered before apply the right balance transfer credit card that really can help you to save a lot. At Mega Credit, there is an one stop credit cards center with a list of the best credit cards from different categories and aspects. They can help you to make a wise choice to find the best credit cards, with the most acceptable credit option regardless of your credit history.

As a credit card holder, we always seek for the credit card that has low Annual fee; type of the rewards (Points; Miles; Cash back); as well as the low annual percentage rate (APR, used to calculate the amount of the interest charged on the balance of a credit card). So, the lowest of the APR mean the lowest you can save from your credit card expenses. At Mega Credit, you can find a list of zero percentage balance transfer cards.

Besides these, Mega Credit is the best credit card resource center, you can find most of the credit card information from the website. You can get yourself being educated how to efficiently and smartly using the credit cards, It gives you the best approach to utilize your credit cards and knowledge of credit cards to be financially well grounded and let you benefit from it. They provide the Credit Card Finder to assist you in finding the best credit cards you desired and they also having the balance transfer saving tool to help you determine which balance transfer deal suits for you, it is easy to use tool by select the options and answer a few short questions.

For more information, please visit for the website for your desired credit cards and start learn the greatest saving tips revealed from their website.

  AirAsia Vs. MAS

Sunday, October 26th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

I remember when I was young, every time when traveled to other places with family, we used Malaysia Airlines (MAS) because it was the famous Airline we can use for traveling from Sarawak. We had to use this Airline when traveled to other place and we not have choice for the expensive fare of the air tickets.

Gradually a new Airline (AirAsia) was established in year 1993 and started operations on 18 November 1996. AirAsia was rapidly growth with the lowest cost of air tickets fare from time to time every year. I was the royal supporter for this Airline, and I used to travel all the time with this airline and even I booked a free air ticket from KL going back to Kuching this coming Chinese New Year 2009. The free air ticket is not included the tax and fuel but the total price plus the surcharges for the free air ticket just around RM60 ~ RM70 one way.

I can not deny MAS is the high class airline because their provide the quality service, foods and better seat slot whereas AirAsia is not served the quality foods yet RM7 for a cup of Maggi Mee (Usually at price of RM2), but they really can offer the lowest air ticket fair and fulfill the people’s dream that “Everyone can fly”. Recently MAS airline is offering the cheap air ticket that travel within the Malaysia.

MAS Airlines Tickets fare 2
RM103 (Included the surcharges) travel from KL to Kuching and the same price for return. This low cost air tickets offered by MAS like these was very seldom, maybe they purposely want to compete with AirAsia airline.

MAS Airlines Tickets fare
The total of the travel cost from/to KL and Kuching only RM19 one way; include the surcharges only at price of RM206 for the return air tickets, which is consider cheaper air tickets fare that offered by MAS since long time ago.

AirAsia Airline Tickets fare
Whereas Airasia can put up an image said “Free Seats!” and offered an absolute zero cost air ticket for everyone.

From my opinion, if MAS really can offer RM19 for the air ticket fare to Kuching, maybe one day I will try to book the air tickets for this airline, but I still prefer Airasia airline for travel smart and the cost saving every time travel to other places.

  Courts Megastore

Friday, October 24th, 2008 | In Shopping Related |

Courts Megastore Mutiara Damansara is courts Mammoth Sdn Bhd’s largest and first large format, retail outlet in one of the klang valley’s more popular retail hotspots, Mutiara Damansara.

It spanning three levels and 60,000 sq ft, Courts Megastore Mutiara Damansara aims to become an one stop lifestyle destination store based on a retail proposition built on providing huge choice, great value, experience, service and payment option of credit, cash and installment to consumers.

Mostly during the weekends, people like to visit the Courts Megastore for buying some living and house equipments and accessories.

courts megastore 1
The Courts Megastore is located behind the curve shopping center.

courts megastore 2
I used to visit this Courts mostly on weekend. There are three floors with variety choices of kitchen equipments such like refrigerators, rice cookers, washing machine, door accessories at the ground floor.

courts megastore 3
At the first floor, there are lot of living room equipments such like television set, LCD screen, Laptop, radio, cameras as well as all the stuffs related to electronic.

courts megastore 4
A demo seats around the plasma TV area, visitors are allowed to have a sit and feel the greatest sound and visual effects or the plasma television set from different brands (Panasonic, JVC and so on).

courts megastore 5
I used to sit on the nice sofa, enjoy the sound and visual effects of these television set. Sometimes they were having a short movie trial show and let the visitors to feel the reality of the sound and visual effect produced from the plasma television. The sound was surrounded and very clean and very exciting when the movie show at the peak motion.

courts megastore 6
The motor racing game and the equipments also can be found at the Courts Megastore as photo above. Besides these, in the second floor there are lot of bedroom stuffs such like beds, pillows, living chair, dining room tables, sofa, carpets and more. Whereas at the third floor there are lot of guitars, piano for sell, it is good for those people who are professional piano players or those who searching for the guitars. From the ground floor to the third floor, there are different category and types of stuffs can be found at there and most of them are the stuffs we using everyday.


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