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  Events at shopping centers

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is coming, nearly all the shopping centers, shopping complex are having new decoration and Hari Raya events, activities and sales. This is a big occasion in Malaysia, all people are in the mood of celebration this Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Two days ago, I went to some shopping centers that near to my living place. There were lot of people shopped around and purchased lot of things for this coming Hari Raya. Every corners, corridors and food courts were nearly full of people.

event at ikea 1
This was the i-Living event at ikea shopping center, people were visiting and searching for the house equipments such like sofa set, tables, table light and more.

event at ikea 2
Some promotion and special offer were provided to attract people come to visit and purchase. This could be a great sales once a year.

event at the curve 1
This was the photo that I took at the curve shopping center. People were selling t-shirt, housing decoration items and foods.

event at the curve 2
I like the decoration of the event, and the wide area make people easy to walk around and visit.

event at the curve 3
Besides these, the light that tied up from the ceiling was made the place colorful and attracted many people came around.

  ScreenLife Games, Disney Bingo DVD Game

Sunday, September 28th, 2008 | In Games & relaxing, Just For Reviews |

Screen Life games is a Seattle based entertainment company that produces DVD games. The company was established at year 2001, and it is popular with the “Scene It?” brand, with games that include Movie, Television, sports, music, Disney and more. Besides this, Screen life also has some interesting DVD games such like Disney Bingo, Thomas and friends bingo, nickelodeon bingo, and Disney princesses.

Disney Bingo DVD Games

There are list of my favorite characters, Disney songs and movie.
1. Mickey mouse – the famous cartoon character and the movie I watch all the time, when I was young.
2. Donald Duck – the funny character in the cartoon series.
3. Aladdin – the great cartoon characters about a lad, his princess and the adventure story.
4. Winnie the pool – the cute and lovely characters.
5. Cinderella – the touching story about Cinderella and her prince.
6. Disney princesses – the sleeping beauty.

The Disney songs
7. Colors of the wind.
8. A whole new world.
9. Sleeping beauty.

The Disney Movies
10. The jungle book.
11. The lion king.
12. Snow white and the seven dwarfs.
13. Toy story.
14. Mulan.
15. Mrs. Incredible – one of the best funny movies.
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  Roti Tissu Dessert

Sunday, September 28th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

One of the famous food from Mamak stall is roti tissue. This food sometimes is called as roti tissue prata/ roti helikopter, which is one of the most creative looking and delicious food at any Mamak food stall. It is a much thinner version of traditional food of roti canai, and it is as thin as 40 ~ 50 cm round shaped tissue.

To make roti tissue requires skill and creativity of the person, sometimes the roti tissue look bad if the person who makes it was not experienced. Roti tissue is sometimes coated with sweet substances, such like sugar, planta, kaya (jam).

Roti Tissu 1
This was the roti tissue, it was sweet and crispy and delicious dessert.

Roti Tissu 2
It cost about RM1.50 ~ RM2.00. This was one of my favorite food and dessert, which was introduced by my girl friend long time ago. Thanks so much.Haha

Trophy and keropok
Besides the roti tissue, that time I also bought the twisty and trophy as dessert after my dinner. RM1.50 for the twisty and RM2.00 for the trophy ice-cream.

  Tom Yam Chicken

Sunday, September 28th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Nearly two months I have been working at KL. Even thought KL is just a small city, lot of places to go and visit such like entertainment centers, food courts, shopping complexes, cinema, bowling centers and more. There are lot of foreign visitors that visit to KL area too.

There are lot of places I have been visited at KL, but very seldom to purchase anything here, because every items for sold are very expensive compare to other places such like Petaling street, Petaling Jaya. Besides shopping, there are lot of food courts in each of the commercial building, the foods price at KL is around RM5 and above. If you having your lunch at any restaurant here, there will at least 5% government tax and 10% service changes, even the service was not good, but you still need to pay for the service charges.

So most of the time, I will have my lunch with colleagues at mamak stall, which is located behind our office. Working at KL, spending more on foods, is one of the expenses that can not be avoided. Two days ago, I was rushing for project at office until 10pm, so me and colleagues were going for our dinner at mamak stall.

Most of the time, I will order the fast food, but this time I just try for the tom yam chicken plus a plate of rice.

tomyam chicken
This was the tom yam chicken, which cost RM4.00, and the rice was RM1.00. This time the tom yam was good tasted, it was special and plenty of mushroom and chicken. Besides the tom yam chicken, they also have tom yam sea food, tom yam mixed and more.

As the average price for having a dine at KL is about RM5.00, whereas the average price for having a dine at Petaling jaya, SS2 is about RM3.50 ~ RM4.00.


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