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  Short trip to Genting (part 2)

Monday, July 21st, 2008 | In News & The Events |

At Genting, Instead of casino and gambling, there have entertainment places too. The next morning, we went to the entertainment theme park for the exiting game.

First game, we played the Flying Coaster. The game is soar like superman, when this exhilarating ride takes us through the air and into a smooth 360 degree spin, this horizontal ride requires us to lie on the belly.

Second game, we went to Malaysia’s first 4D Motion master theater, to experience the 4D movie. It is the first world indoor theme park’s entertainment. It has 5 minutes of the show and RM8 per entry. There maximum seating capacity per movie is 48 people.

4D Motion Master Theater 1
The 4D Motion Master Theater.

4D Motion Master Theater 2
This is the big LCD screen for the 4D movie. The chairs are movable along with the story of the movie played. The sunglasses make you feel the sense of 4D motion of the objects show on the screen. It was interesting and not really exiting.

white tiger show
This was the place for the white lion, tiger show. The show is every evening. I not manage to watch the show, since the trip was too short from late night until the next day noon at Genting Highland. Audience are welcome to take photos with the lion, but the photo is cost RM60 to RM100 per single photo, depend of which size and photo with white lion or tiger.


The admission fee is as below.
Normal Season
VIP RM150 (Adult); RM150 (Child)
PS1 RM130 (Adult); RM65 (Child)
PS2 RM110 (Adult); RM55 (Child)
PS3 RM80 (Adult); RM40 (Child)

Peak Season
VIP RM180 (Adult); RM180 (Child)
PS1 RM150 (Adult); RM75 (Child)
PS2 RM120 (Adult); RM60 (Child)
PS3 RM100 (Adult); RM50 (Child)

  Short trip to Genting

Monday, July 21st, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Last Friday my friends were came to KL and overnight at Genting Highland. So after work around 6pm, I rush to One Utama and took the Genting bus went to Genting just to meet my friends there. Three months ago I also brought my family to Genting Highland for a visit and nothing much of changes that this time I went there again.

The bus was depart from One Utama bus station at 7pm and arrive at sky-way station around 8pm and I took the cable car to Genting. First arrived Genting, I was met my friends at First World cafe, and enjoy the buffer for Free, since my friend went out and brought me in, so I ate everything there with pay for the entrance free around RM49.00+. Thanks so much. Haha.

After the dinner, I went the first world hotel to take bath before join them at casino. After arrived casino, I realized I forgot to bring my wallet, but instead I brought my camera so I was not allowed to get in without Identity card and camera is restricted to bring inside the casino place, so i just went around the Genting to take photo and walk around there. The advantage was, I did not gamble and did not contribute any cent to them when lose at the game.

entertainment center 3Big screenentertainment center 5

entertainment center 2entertainment center 1entertainment center 4
I was taking the photos from first world hotel to entertainment hall, from inside to outside the Genting and building. It was cool, the feeling just like last time the winter session when I study at AUS.

outside fisrtwork hotel 2theme park 2theme park 1

entertainment center 6genting international convention centreoutside fisrtwork hotel 1
Almost every entertainment place, I had a visit and took photos there.

  SME/SMI Recognition Award 2008

Saturday, July 12th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Once a year, Small to Middle Enterprises/ Industries (SME/SMI) award 2008 is going to be set in next couple of months. Last week me and colleagues had showed up for the launching of the SME recognition award 2008. The SMI association not only promote the development of SME in Malaysia, but also thought its various projects and roadshows. Venue of the launching was located at “Mines international convention & exhibition center”.

When the show was started, there were a few presenters that having a short speech, before the launch of the recognition award 2008. According to the SMI association, they introduced 3 new awards, which are

1. Young Entrepreneur Award.
2. Government-Linked Enterprises Excellence Award.
3. Social Responsibility Excellence Award.

This is the invitation card and form, for the company to attend for the official launching of SME recognition award 2008.

Present By Digi
This is the simple gift sponsored by Digi, for all the guests, media, and those invited to attend the launching of SME recognition award 2008. After the end of the launching, we had a tea lunch at the lobby of the convention & exhibition center.

The purpose of the activity is to encourage excellence Industries and Enterprises parties by providing official recognition for the achievements of the SMEs through its annual SME recognition award series. This prestigious and award is the rewards on SMEs which have achieved outstanding success or excellence in their products, services or operations.

  Zenni Optical prescription eyeglasses

Thursday, July 10th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Websites & Services |

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