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  Extreme Busy Days

Thursday, July 31st, 2008 | In LimCorp Dot Net |

These days since last week, I have lot of things to do. Almost everyday goes customers place for the software customization; implementation and training along with my colleague. Also I am handing over my tasks at my current company to my colleagues and tomorrow I will be start my new journey and new position at new company at KL that near the KL Petronas Twin Towers.

The extreme busy time and tired everyday, until running out of time for my weblog posting after back home. Even today I still need to meet company’s customer for the software upgrade.

Sometimes, works are many and busy, but I really enjoy the process from programming to integration, implementation and completion. Hope that I will have more sufficient time to hand over and complete all my tasks here before today.

  Pelita Mamak Stall @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Sunday, July 27th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Mostly at Friday, the last working of the week, we will having our lunch at Pelita mamak stall at SS2, that near our working place. I remember few weeks ago, I was went there again with my colleagues. This mamak stall is not special but has reasonable price on food such like fried mee and drink but not economic mixed rice.

There are many mamak stall at my working place as well as many new opened restaurant at SS2 area. I have been working at SS2, PJ about 1 year, from time to time, the old restaurant closed then a new restaurant begin. So I have tried most of the restaurant from Korean restaurant to hong kong style restaurant, from Secret recipe to Swensens.

Fried Keoy Tiew
This was the fried kuay tiew, that cost RM3.50, and mixed rice will be at price around RM5.50 and above with one meat and one vegetable plus soup. It is quite expensive so normally I will only order for the fried food.

  Lasik Technology

Sunday, July 27th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, News & The Events |

Nowadays, technology is getting advanced and sophisticated from time to time. Just came across a new medical Lasik technology from the Internet, and Lasik is a well-established new technology that have a world renowned ophthalmologist, and it is also a modern technology that deliver the superior safety and better visual result than ever before, according to the D. Solomon.

What does actually Lasik provides the benefits to their patients? According to their website, Lasik is a new technology that combines 3D mapping and customized treatment for the first all laser technology. This technology has been approved by US military and NASA. No every people are eligible for this technology, such like those with thin, irregularly shaped corneas or unrealistic expectations are not about to take this treatment, but this is only the less percentages of people.

People are curious why Lasik is the best choice and treatment for themselves. Mostly people will find the good testimonial from their website about this new technology and LASIK information for the good potential of the visual treatment and more patient satisfaction reports from many other websites after some research on it.

Please seek for more information from their website and gain more suggestion from the expert of this treatment before any action, because not everyone is suitable for this new technology treatment. All the information on this post are purely gather from some research such like owner website as well as other articles on the Internet.

  Ogawa Roadshows @ the curve

Saturday, July 26th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Quite a long time, I had not visited to the curve shopping center, and missed out many activities and roadshows. Few weeks ago, I went there to have a visit again and that time Ogawa was having a roadshows there and promoting their sensual massage chair and smart massage chair. Many people was curious and trying for Ogawa products.

Ogawa Show 1
Ogawa was having a lot of roadshows from place to place and having the “Ogawa virtual football challenge” games few months ago at the curve entrance hall. Beside the roadshows at the curve entrance hall, I went to the highest floor at the curve, just knew that, there are more shops which I never realize that.

the curve highest floor
“bb Maxx” that selling shirt, daily uses items, electronic equipments and so on.

the curve shopping center
“Living Quarters” selling beds, pillows and so on. Even though, the curve is not as big as One Utama, it consists of many shops that selling different products items and having changeable functions; events; roadshows at the entrance hall every week.


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