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  PhoneFactor wordpress plugin, for security purpose

Friday, June 27th, 2008 | In Wordpress & Plugins |

Another interesting wordpress plugin that related to phone call feature, that is PhoneFactor. This plugin provides an additional layer of security when logging in to your wordpress powered blog. This plugin is suitable for the bloggers that having the confidential information at their admin page, and strictly for unauthorized users to log into the system.

PhoneFactor 1
When this plugin is enabled, you will receive a phone call asking you to press the # symbol to authorize, in order you can successfully log into the system, otherwise you will attempt fail to login even you have the right username and password.

PhoneFactor 2
This plugin absolutely help you to prevent the unauthorized users to login to your system, even they got your username and password. Beside building this integrating with the API to authenticate via phone, the developers also built the registration step, at your admin page, so that you not have to leave the admin page when activating this plugin.

PhoneFactor 3
You test your setting at profile page.

  RapidKL Bus with Aisa Media

Thursday, June 26th, 2008 | In Info & Technology |

RapidKL is a public transport at kuala lumpur. A bus that offer a daily ticket for your whole day trip. You can have unlimited ride with your daily ticket around the specific region, either local ride (RM1) or city ride (RM2).

I have been working at PJ around 2 years, since July 2006 that joined the Aptech computer training program and working with companies. Most of the time, I will prefer RapidKL for work and travel to kuala lumpur.

It was about 6 months ago, RapidKLs have installed Asia Media TVs to attract customers. There are two LCD screens at the front and middle of the bus. Mostly the show is about a short advertisements, cartoon, movie trailer, fun and laugh series, Mr. Bean and more.

RapidKL Bus - TV
This was the photo I took a week ago, while went to KL after work. Most of the time, bus is fully of people, not have chance to take photo, only until that day manage to take a snap shot, while there were not much people in the bus.

  Weblogs advertising at

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Social Comm Networks |

Weblogs advertising is one of the best methods to promote, drive sales, increase your brand new products’ popularity and get known in the specific region or globally around the world.

The great part of this type of advertising allows advertisers to target the weblogs with the similar niche of advertisers’ products, and the review could deliver to the right audience and potential customers. There must be a place that allows both advertisers and bloggers to meet each other and there is At Social Spark, both advertisers and bloggers can understand more about each other through the users’ community.

Normally, bloggers are like to blog about their favorite, interested topics and they are happy to get an offer, blog about the topic they like and get pay. For example, a weblog that professional in the topic of software niche, It must have huge volume of readers that like software and its related information, So if the advertiser can acquire a little space at that blog to promote his/ her accounting software, I believe this can help the advertiser to get much more orders from the potential customers, derive from the blog.

This is the effective and reliable method to market your products with affordable advertising fee, for example $5. Social Spark is the awesome place to initial your business plan (advertisers); and earn for extra income while blog for the topic you love to (bloggers).

  Colleague Birthday Celebration

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, News & The Events |

Last Friday was my colleague birthday. Due to tight schedule on the projects, we just had short celebration with him, at the office. Before the celebration, we went to a Mamak stall (Indian food stall) to have our lunch there. It is located at SS2, PJ and the place quite nice as well as the food.

Mamak Stall - Fried Rice
I was ordered the fried rice, I can say this could be the best Mamak stall that cook such a nice fried rice. But this plate of fried rice cost me RM8.00, really not worth. After the dinner, me and other colleagues went to Berry cake shop to buy the cake.

Berry Cake Shop
A variety of cakes in different shape, taste, weight. They have fruits cake, ice-cream cakes and more. After a few minutes of choosing, we decided to buy the Mocha Cake (RM27.00) for 500 Grams, then rush back to office.

Light up the cake
This was the cake, we were preparing the cake, drinks, plates, spoons at the kitchen and put the candles onto the cake and light up the candles, then gave a surprise to my birthday colleague, who was working at his desk. We sang a song and brought the cake and walked slowly to the working desks.

My portion of cake
My birthday colleague was so surprise and happy, when we carried the cake and sang a birthday song to him. I get the large portion of the mocha cake, It tasted good with the chocolate and the strawberry, grape fruit.

My cake and coke
I ate the cake with the soft drink (Coke), absolutely enjoy that moment. Quite a long time, did not have birthday celebration at office, this could be best to fulfill our foods desire before continue to work hard on the projects.

Mamak Stall - Fried Rice 2Berry Cake Shop 2 My cake photo


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