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  FeedBurner will launch Adsense for RSS

Saturday, May 31st, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Feedburner is owned by Google, and they planned to launch AdSense for RSS Next week according to the news from feedburder company blog. AdSense for RSS will show the contextual text advertising in publisher’s RSS feeds, in other words, if you are reading a blog post in Google reader, that you probably will see the ads that related to the post content.

A interesting question has been raise, “How will AdSense for RSS work in conjunction with the ads feedburner already sells and displays?” This was answered as:

“Publishers already in the FeedBurner Ad Network will continue to see premium CPM ads directly sold onto their content, but with the added bonus of contextually targeted ads that will fill up the remainder of their inventory. That means you get the best of both worlds: a dedicated Google sales force that knows how and why to sell onto your content, with the added revenue that full back-fill coverage provides.”

Will this featured enhance your earning at Google AdSense? probably we need spend some time to check for the maximum opportunity that offered by both Google AdSense and feedburner. I believe this is a good for both advertisers and publisher who using the Google AdSense to generate sales and income.

  Best Credit Cards at Credit Organizer

Thursday, May 29th, 2008 | In Credit Cards & Rewards, Just For Reviews |

As we all know that the important of having a credit card especially you are doing online business, online shopping and withdraw money from e-bank such like paypal to your credit card. Another advantage of having a credit card are credit card represent your cash money, convenient to carry as well as collect points for every purchase for redeem your free gift.

CreditOrganize is a place where you can apply for your credit card easily by just fill in the online application form. As a consumer, you always have a right to know and to get a better low cost credit card, you can compare the credit cards in term the offers and beneficial that suit for your needs, and also you can visit they information center to get the latest news and advices for the credit cards before apply.

Credit Organizer
If you are looking for the low rate credit card that offered by credit organizer, you can refer to Zero percent credit card offers. The low rate credit card offer is vary depending on the credit score. It is good to apply for a credit card that has lowest Annual percentage rate (APR) because low rate credit card bring a lot of benefits to their card holders such like shift the balance; pay off the debt without paying the high interest.

You could see more examples and explanation of the low rate credit card from their website. That is worth to have a visit and get more information you need about the credit card.

  Seafood of the day

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Sources From Mails |

Seafood is any of the sea animal, seaweed, that served as a great food for your appetite, dine. According to the source information, seafood is a source of protein in many diets around the world, many people like eat seafood and different style of cooking bring the different freshness and natural taste for the seafoods.

Fish, prawn, shellfish, seaweed, crab are type of the seafoods. Some people make the seafood as prawn cocktail for the great event such like birthday, celebration and so on. Below are some photos about the seafoods, that collected from my email.

sea food 5
Prawn seafood fried rice. The origin taste of the natural prawn seafood.

sea food 4
Tiger prawn seafood as appetite.

sea food 3
Tomato prawn seafood, steam cook with onion.

sea food 2
Japanese style of prawn, squid seafood.

sea food 1
A bowl of fresh and mixed up seafoods. Consists of tiger prawn, squid, vegetables, preparing for the steamboat.

  Webhosting rating for your hosting knowledge

Sunday, May 25th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, News & The Events |

After facing continuing hosting problems from my previous hosting provider, I start learn and collect as much information as possible and do some research from various websites for more understand about hosting and enhance my knowledge towards choosing a best hosting provider, analysis from different points of views from different users that experienced with their hosting providers.

Webhosting Rating
Another web hosting articles, it is concern about the web hosting, web development and website management articles. From there, you would able to understand more about the related topic from the professional and knowledgeable author. Beside this, the website also provides the useful web hosting specifications and proper tutorials for anyone especially for the people who like to know more about the hosting, things to know and prepared in order to get a reliable and good hosting provider.

They having a list of hosting specification listed on the main page. This could be the best source from Internet, for your web-hosting provider selection. Customers or users reviews are good to determine a good web hosting providers. I am satisfy with my current hosting provider, and I used to find them based on the web-hosting survey website similar to web-hosting rating. For more information, please visit their website.


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