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  Holiday Cruise (Part 1)

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 | In Sources From Mails |

Few days ago, I have received an email from my friend about the holiday cruise. It was really impressive with the huge luxury holiday cruise, this was the biggest one that I have never seen before. How wish could spend a couple of days, enjoy the cruise trip that go around the sea side.

Holiday Cruise 1
This luxury cruise able to carry hundred thousands of visitors. I guess it is slightly bigger than the star cruise, that travel in the Asia Pacific.

Holiday Cruise 2
Inside the cruise, there is a big swimming pool, enjoy the sun-bath on the wood chair surrounding the swimming pool.

Holiday Cruise 3
You could having a morning walk, or jogging on the sport jogging way. It seems like an open-air sport area. You could also enjoy the sea view, scenery in the windy open space as the photo above.

Holiday Cruise 4
Another built-in swimming pool for relaxing your muscle and your body.

Holiday Cruise 5
Swimming pool at another angle, probably this is for small kids. This is really impressive, really can not imagine how good if we can have few days ride on the luxury cruise like this. To be continued with more photos on Part 2.

  Formaspace furniture, accessories and services

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Websites & Services |

Formaspace is a manufacturers that develop elegant, practical custom technical furniture, accessories and flexible solutions and services for customers in laboratory, technical, drafting, material handling and industrial environments.


They have experts to help you up in your workplace design with the appropriate and suitable furniture, that effectively use of your office’s space. Also formaspace is more advances in the creation through the design, Lab Furniture and manufacture of the custom technical furniture, accessories and services. They absolutely can help you to create a great place to work in sense you good working environment + great workplace design = better performance and outcome of the working results.

Beside these, formaspace also strong in some practices such like below.

1. Innovation. To design and build workbenches to precisely meet their customers’ needs.
2. Design. Their workbenches, workstations and worktable furniture are object of industrial beauty.
3. Ergonomics. Their benches, chairs, and accessories are designed to create healthy working environments.
4. Environmental Sustainability. They strive to create and encourage environmental sustainability.
5. Social Responsibility. They are committed to maximizing human potential and contributing to the global community.

For more information, please visit their website or make a call to 1-800-251-1505.

  Longview club and luxury homes

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Real Estate Properties |

If you are looking for the housing at longview club drive, weddington NC 28173, then it would be good to visit the real estate website at weddington nc luxury homes, It presents a unique offer for those who has very high demand. There is a private golf community; manor-style estate homes designed with unsurpassed attention to detail and so on.


They also offering for the weddington golf homes for sale. With its rolling hills, tree-lined fairways, and abundant water features, it is the most suitable place for golf with the best environment and green slope of golf course.

No matter, you are searching for a homesite, homethat under construction, a newly completed home, or a resale home, you can find the listing at their website. Also there has 5 phase with a list of available properties, that include weddington golf homes for sale. Any inquiry, or further information about the housing, please visit their website.

  Life cycle of expired domains

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Recently just found an interested news, when searching for the domain name. Previously I through that expired domain will automatically switch to open mode for the public to register and own that domain, but actually the process is more complicated that I through.

Mostly registrars allow domain name owners to renew their domain name during the first 0 – 45 days of the auto renew grace period, and in this days period renewal is still possible for the formal owner. If the domain name’s owner still no take any action, domain name will go through a 30 days redemption period, during this hold time, the domain name ceases to be active.

If the domain registrant does not renew or make a redemption for the domain name, on the 31st day, domain will go through the pending deletion phase, the registrant can not renew the domain name and get the domain name back, after 5 days the domain name will be deleted by domain registry, make it to be non-existent and allow other to register it as a new domain name.

This is all about the expired domain name life cycle.


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