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  The most comprehensive online business directory

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Websites & Services |

Apparently, the online market is keep growing everyday, sometimes it is very competitive and difficult task for you to find a quality online business directory that provides a transparent interface for businesses directly communicate with the prospective customers and allows people to share their customer experience in a trusted environment. In my opinion, It is good to have an trusted online directory for the purpose of buy the things we need, due with the company that can be trusted for the online trade.

atlist dot org can be one of the selection website for you to solve the problem, because they provides a comprehensive business directory to the online users and discuss the importance of using a trusted directory or search engine on every focused area and category. sort all the directory listing in category. For example, Shopping & Services that will list all the companies that under this category; Restaurants, Bar & Clubs will list all the restaurants, bars and clubs related companies. You can also search the company listing by country location. These make your search more convenient, fast and easy to get your information or product from the company you want to trade with. For more information, please visit the website.

  Corallium Cafe – The best chop

Monday, March 17th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

A few month ago, I was spent my Chinese New Year holiday at Kuching my hometown there. I remember the next day just after I arrived at Kuching, I went to have dinner at my friend cafe with my girl friend. That was my first time visiting his cafe since he started open his cafe around half year ago and I am working at PJ, Selangor here, so not able to go to his cafe this long time.

Lamb Chop
This was the chop that introduced by my friend, lamb chop. No matter in term of decoration, design, shape of the plate are really special. Also he cook much more lamb meat and extra sauce for my dinner without extra charges.

Chicken Chop
This was the chicken chop that ordered by my girl friend, look more delicious than mine.

Chicken and Lamb Chop
I took a photo for both chicken and lamb chops, It looks like we had a great dinner that time at his cafe. We also had ordered some drinks but I forgot to take photos on it, so pity that miss out the beverages photos when we had chat and enjoy the best foods at that time.

It was really full after I finished the lamb chop. Haha. Thanks Lawrence for your special cook of the chicken and lamb chops for us, I will revisit your cafe once I back to my hometown again.

  New York fashion schools

Monday, March 17th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Schools & Institute |

For the teenagers who have completed their high school education and looking for further knowledge enhancement at college/ institute in the fashion field, then you can visit for new york fashion schools.

New York fashion schools
This is the website that list down all the best and featured fashion school in new york. People around the world are look for the best educators, the well-known institute for their further study, so in term of fashion people also looking for the skilled, professional, and well-known college/ institute to secure their bright future. If you are interested in studying at New York then you can choose one of the featured fashion schools from the list at the website there.

At fashion schools new york, you can enhance your skills and knowledge and probably become a famous fashion designer. For more information, please visit their website or make a toll free call at 888-732-0127 for better understand of the best and featured fashion schools that offered by them.

  Fried Rice at Pasar Seni

Monday, March 17th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Last week, I traveled to KL sentral and walk around there and went to pasar seni, which is just near to the KL sentral. I had my lunch at one India restaurant, which is near the bus station at pasar seni there. Just can not find a Chinese fast food restaurant, so just simply choose an India restaurant (also called as mama stall).

Mostly the India restaurant are cheap in foods and drink, especially the “Roti Canai” food.

Pasar Seni
This is the restaurant I had lunch there last week, Planned to eat “Roti Canai”, but they said, It is not ready for the foods to serve customer. Then I try ordered fried rice.

Fried Rice at Pasar Seni
Here is the fried rice that cost RM3.50, I keep searching for the meat but not found, there was not meat for this plate of fried rice, but lot of chili and a few vegetable as well as the dry toufu. This is really not worth of RM3.50. Lastly, I just know that, never order fried rice at India restaurant, Instead you can order “Roti Canai” because most of them not know how to cook a good fried rice.


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