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  Mamak Street Food

Sunday, March 30th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Nearly a month ago, I went to KL to pick the TGI Friday coupons at Nuffnang office. I was having my lunch at one mamak store that nearby that area. That was the second time I tried the fried rice at mamak store that end with the result of the fried rice was not taste good. At first, I was not decide to go to mamak store but the shop was too nice, in term of design, decoration and comfortable with the environment which is clean, so I just went in.

Mama Street Food 5
This was the shop, I look around and order the fried mee, but that time, they only had fried rice and fast food available.

Mama Street Food 2
Look around the fast foods area, and select the curry chicken that mix with the fried rice. There was lot of selection of the fast foods, every one was the spicy food.

Mama Street Food 1
I was the curry soup, that consists of lady finger, vegetable and so on. Lady finger is kind of vegetable which is green in color as picture above, when cook with curry, that is taste good, one of my favorite food.

Mama Street Food 3
This was the fried rice I ordered, really bad taste and this place of fried rice cost RM7.90. I am able to eat a good plate of food at medium class of restaurant.

Mama Street Food 4
The fried rice, include a small bowl of appetite and curry. I ordered my drink “Teh Tarik Ice” which cost RM1.90. All cost RM9.80, this is only for the lunch.

  Melaka Street Restaurant

Thursday, March 27th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Melaka Street, is a restaurant that serve all kind of foods and beverages, It is located at SS2 Petaling Jaya. Last week Friday, me and colleagues decided to go to this restaurant for lunch. I never see this restaurant before, eventhough It just very near to our office.

Melaka Street Restaurant 7
This is their name, which stated on the screen of front entrance door. Melaka is one of the state in Malaysia, so we were thinking that, the restaurant will serve for the Melaka foods.

Melaka Street Restaurant 1
This was the menu, It does have many kind of foods, we not sure whether those foods are popular at Melaka or not. We just ordered and try it up.

Melaka Street Restaurant 2
Before the foods was served, we were taking arrange the spoon, tissues, menu then took photos. It make others people think that we are the photographer.Haha

Melaka Street Restaurant 3
I was ordered a lunch set, here was the chicken mushroom soup, as the appetite before the fried rice come.

Melaka Street Restaurant 4
After a few more minutes, my fried rice was served, it tasted much more better that the mamak store one, when comparing this and the one I ate last time at mamak store.

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  Laksa at the Spring Shopping center

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Last time, during the Chinese New Year holiday, I was at Kuching and shopped around the newly opened shopping centers. One of the largest shopping complex at Kuching is “the Spring”.

I had my lunch at there and not buying anything, because the almost all the things there are quite expensive, and mostly is the branded products for those t-shirt, shoes and electronics equipments. Only the food there are quite reasonable in term of price.

Laksa at the Spring Shopping center 1
That time, I was ordered this bowl of Laksa. It was delicious and taste good, when the food was served, It still hot in bowl because that was a little candle burning at the bottom. This Laksa cost RM7.90.

Laksa at the Spring Shopping center 2
The candle was used to keep the food hot for a while. It makes the Laksa hot and spicy, so very nice to eat. haha. So miss Kuching, so find out some photo that related to my hometown and post it here.

  Hundred Years Road Restaurant

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Few week ago, that was Friday. Mostly Friday me and other colleagues always have a good meal at cafe or restaurant, because it is last working day of the week so need to entertain ourselves with the good foods. That day we went to Hundred Years road’s restaurant for our lunch. The restaurant is located at SS2, behind the public bank.

In the restaurant, It main food is the curry prawn mee, and we just simply order some meal for our lunch.

Hundred Years Road Restaurant 4
This is their name, they are main cook for noodle type of foods, such like prawn mee, “asam” curry mee, fried noodle and so on.

Hundred Years Road Restaurant 1
We had a look on the menu, there are quite a lot of foods to select, fried rice, fried noodles, beverages, dessert and many selection.

Hundred Years Road Restaurant 2
So, I just ordered a “Kiew Tiaw Soup”, with fish ball. The photo above was the noodles that I tried, it was nice with the big fish ball, chicken meat. The price is RM7.90.

Hundred Years Road Restaurant 3
This photo was took from another angel, It was a good and delicious food. If the price is not that expensive and without government tax 5% and service charge 5% then we will go there frequently.


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