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  Take a break with foods

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Most of the tasks, and project have been completed and postponed to after Chinese new year, this would be the great thing for me by not rushing the project every night.

I was not expected this year, was so busy than last year when I started work at Petaling Jaya. Maybe because i was recovered another Income stream by make money online, so spend quite lot of time to study it and learn from many experienced bloggers.

No matter how hard at works, how stress the situations are, I will always find my way to complete it and destress with the foods and beverages I like. Never deny that foods are the main source of the idea, enjoyment and the power stream for the daily life.

Curry chicken with vegetable. RM3.50.

egg tart
Egg tart, RM1.20 each.

Dessert, after lunch. Strewberry and vanila ice-cream. RM1.00

  Allen-Barron, new thinking, new results

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Websites & Services |

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  New decoration at The Curve for this coming CNY

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

There are more photos I had taken last week when I visiting the Curve, this time there is a new decoration designed to welcome this coming Chinese new year. The red lantern, the classic Chinese traditional arrangement withe excellent of the design, really impressive.

Chinese new year 2008 photo 15
This is the photo I took at second floor, people were visiting, sat around there and took photos.

Chinese new year 2008 photo 16
This is the other side.

Chinese new year 2008 photo 17
There was a performance of “Tai Chi” Kung Fu. Those teenagers were tried hard for their performances.

Chinese new year 2008 photo 18
Well, this photo was taken from KL, Petaling Street. I went there after work, last week, and planned to buy some gifts for my friends when going back to Kuching, at the end just not found any special gifts to buy, so just have a look around there. That time there was many people buy Chinese new year stuffs, debate for price and so on.

  Air Asia 300,000 free seats promotion

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 | In News & The Events |

Just now check my email, Wow, Airasia is giving big promotion of 300,000 free seats for domestic and International flights. Booking period is start from 29 January until 03 February 2008, whereas travel period is at 26 February until 15 May 2008.

Air-asia 300,000 free seat
There was a big shock, and i quickly access to Airasia website, found that many seats have been occupied, It is really fast since the offer is announced around this few days and almost large amount of seats have been reserved.

Air-asia 300,000 free seat 2
The fare are totally 0.00 MYR, they only charge for the tax which are 70 MYR from KL to Kuching, and 73 MYR from Kuching return to KL.

If you want to book the air ticket, use your credit card and act fast, because the tickets are getting less and less. Haha. I wish to book, but I afraid that I not have much leave to apply, because I have applied 9 and half days leave for this coming Chinese new year.


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