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  Capella University, Online Learning Degree Programs

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Websites & Services |

Capella University is offering Online Learning degree programs. This is the golden opportunity for those who are from different countries and wish to enhance their knowledge through this online learning programs, as well as to gain their degree certificate after complete the course.

Capella University provides the most relevant degree programs that suit your favorite subjects, it is an online format study, developed and meet current industry standards. It is excellence programs that allow you to have your own time to arrange the time to study and involve in the assignments and case studies and so on, so it is a flexible online learning programs.

Capella University - Online Learning Degree programs
In the online learning environment, you might curious how to be graded? Basically, those course works are designed to help you gain the knowledge and you need to participate the demonstration, case studies for each of the course competencies. Your instructor, will have a review to all the assignments, case studies you had completed then provides a feedback. Instead of face to face study in classroom, online learning more likely using email to communicate and assigning case studies. It is fun and interesting. For more information, please visit Capella university’s website.

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  More delicious foods, My dinners

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Tried out some others special foods, other than just eat the fast food. That was “Cantonese style cook of mee soup”. The mee was fried with vegetable, chicken meat, squid. It was delicious. Long time not eat this kind of mee. The price has been increased from RM4 to RM4.50 per plate.

My Dinner 1
Cantonese style cook of mee soup. RM4.50.

My Dinner 2
Cantonese style cook of mee soup. RM4.50. Mix the mee with the belacan sauce was the best taste.

My Dinner 4
Crispy chicken rice, with black paper sauce. RM4.50.

Other than these, I also like to eat some dessert such like bubur cha-cha; Cendol.

Bubur cha-cha translated to English is Dessert porridge, which is a dessert of cooled sweet potato, yams, sago, coconut milk and rock sugar made fragrant with pandan-screwpine leaves; Whereas Cendol – A coconut Ice Frosty, which is a small strips made from green pea flour and sweet red beans are topped with the shaved ice and thick coconut milk.

Just can not resist for the temptation of the foods and beverages.

  Delicious Dessert

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages |

Even thought can not find any stall nearby my working and living place that sell bubur cha-cha and Cendol, there are other kind of dessert such like donut, “you cha kuih” – which is a slice of flour-made kuih that fried with oil. It was delicious that mix with the coconut sauce and a cup of hot coffee.

My dessert 1
Donut; Kuih and a cup of hot coffee. RM2.00.

My dessert 2
The coconut sauce for the kuih.

My dessert 3
This is another day i ate the “you cha Kuih”, this time i bought the cherry glass beverage and pineapple, i used to enjoy the dessert while watching the movie. These cost RM3.79. Haha. Always need to have a break after a long working hours, give the mind relax and more energy for the following tasks.

  Orlando Fun Tickets

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 | In Just For Reviews, Websites & Services | is a one stop online shop that selling discount tickets for the world most well known entertainment theme parks, for example, Walt Disney world ticket; Sea World Tickets; Universal Orlando ticket, Orlando show tickets and dinner shows.

Orlando Fun Tickets
Orlando fun ticket is the online store that selling theme parks discount tickets, It is the largest ticket store in Orlando, Florida.

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