Wong kok restaurant, SS2 PJ

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Wong Kok restaurant
Wong kok restaurant.

Last Friday, we had lunch at wong kok char chan teng (Restaurant hong kong style). There are many style of, appetite, food, drink, dessert most like the hong kong restaurant that we always watch on television series.

Daily set lunch (monday to friday) at price of RM8.90. That day is friday, and only 4 choice of set lunch to order, Chicken chop, vegetable and fish ball soup with mee hoon, curry fish and so on. Finally i selected soup with mee hoon (image below), include teh ice, cream soup also appetite.

Wong Kok - Set Lunch
Vegetable and fish ball soup with fish ball. RM8.90

Wong kok - appetiteWong kok - Cream SoupWong kok - teh ice
All included with set lunch.

First time, we had lunch there, i can say that the service there was not very good, the waitress seem does not trained, throw the menu and walk away, at that moment seem nobody is wait and take order for us. We think that the word “waitress” should wait and take order for us but it seems that the restaurant was hired a “walker” rather that waitress. haha.

By rating the food there, i can said that i choose a wrong of set lunch, the fish ball taste a bit sour and not fresh, if i not guess wrong, that fish ball might put in the fridge very long time, do not know it was expired or not. eeya. After went back to office, did not feel well and went to toilet few times, so the food really not worth, with RM8.90 (excluded the 10% tax).

But many people choose to eat there, maybe the environment and design at that restaurent is good, or they advertise with hong kong famous celebrity. I like the environment and design there but absolutely not the foods. 6 of us, was spend around RM88 there.


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