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Warbook is a social network game, which is one of the well known applications from facebook.com. Three days ago, i was invited by my friend to join this warbook game, at first, it was very interesting and fun, eventhrough we had wars in the “paper mode” without graphical animated characters.

It has levelling, kingdom’s size (in acres), different type of characters (General, Magician and so on), different kind of army for different type of characters. Your revenue is generated hourly, based on your kingdom’s size and total of your army. You can spell fireball, earthquake to your enemy, grab their land (in acres) and so on.

These social network game have assist facebook.com to generate more page-view, so that it has great rank of 7 at alexa.com. I read a news that warbook is possible to generate 15 millions page-views within a week, that is quite lot of traffic flow to facebook.com

Warbook Game

I used to play cheat, by create 7 accounts at facebook, and use these 7 accounts to create 7 different type of military teams at warbook. Use 6 military teams to generate revenue and transfer the fund to my main team (LimCorp), so i got lot of fund to build my kingdom and recruit many army, so easy to level up until level 9. Lastly i found that was not really fun, because this is long run of game, you need to always take care of your teams by not defeated by your enemy, also i think it will make me addicted to spend lot of time to play this game, so i decide to close all my accounts at warbook and stop play this game, so i can have more time to focus on my job, and my business analysis.

I always think that, games can be played to relax your mind, and reduce the stress, but often or addicted to play games will give you absolute bad reflection, such like waste time, waste resource of your computer, waste your energy and reduce your working performance.


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