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Monday, November 12th, 2007 | In LimCorp Dot Net |

Google Analytic allows website owners to keep track their website statistic from time to time, with summarised or detailed records of the total unique visits and page viewed in month, day or even hourly tracking. Want to check your website’s traffic, Google Analytic is one of the tool to help you through.

The number that shown on the statistic, that tracked by Google analytic represents the amount of visitors and traffic that you gain through your website, the most popular website, the huge number you gain, of course the price and the status of your website at will also be improved, this make your website well-known to public. Website owner can also be used this opportunity to gain more profit through your blog, website. I can said that the profit that you make through online are depending on the traffic, advertisers, and many issues, so, your income through your blog, website are not fixed, static, but it might vary from month to month.


My Google Analysis over 1 month from 11 Oct 2007 to 10 Nov 2007. The traffic of my weblog does not seem to have long digits, but i will try my best to post some useful materials to improve my statistic.

As the picture shown that my weblog had 980 unique views and 2,463 page views, from October to November, mean that that was 30 unique views per day. The result was not disappointed me but warned me to learn and study more on how to bring in traffic and earn extra income from my weblog in the long run.


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