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Watermarking is a process of protect your own works and photos from copying, distributing, using by other people without your knowledge or permission. A watermark is a design or likely a signature that attached on the top layer of your works and photos to let the public know that, these work and photos are origin from their owner, so mostly we can see many photos that we search on the net, have been watermarked by its owner with their Logo trademark or website URL.

Watermark Service that provided at LimCorp is basically, a web-based service, user can instantly upload 2 photos, which are the source photo (to be watermarked) and watermark photo (to be attached at the top layer of the source photo). Accepted photo formats are .jpg, .gif, .png and .bmp. and photos background can be transparency that less than 100KB.

Watermark Service
Example of the original and watermarked cute dog photo.

Users can upload the watermark photo by themselves, or select the default watermark photo that predefined. Watermarked photo can be download by click on the download button below the watermarked photo.

Step by step watermark your source photo, is show on the watermark’s page, by click on the Show/Hide Details.

It is recommended both source and watermark photos are same width and height, in order system attach the watermark photo to the source photo in the right position, user can edit the transparent watermark photo with their logo in the corner and same width/ height with the source photo before watermarking them. If the watermark is not provided by the user and not default watermark photo is selected from the predefined watermark photos then system will auto select a default watermark for the source photo, once “Watermark Photo” button is clicked.

3 Steps on watermark your source photo.

First step, select the source photo, it is compulsory entry.
Second step, select and upload the watermark photo ORalternatively select predefined watermark by click on the “System Watermark” radio button.
Third step, click on the “Watermark Photo” button. Done.


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