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Photo Cropper is a tool that used to crop, resize, rotate 90 degree (Clockwise, Counter Clockwise) of your photo, It is fully web-based service provided by LimCorp. Script is developed using PHP, and initial source is gather from open source webplace and it have been enhanced, modified for more user friendly, easy to use. Below is the step by step guide to use this service.

My Services - Photo Cropper 1
Step 1: Browse the photo then click on the “Send to Crop Now” button. System only accept .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp format of the photos within 100KB.

My Services - Photo Cropper 2
Step 2: Once the photo successfully loaded at next webpage, user is fully control to crop, resize, rotate the photo, with the control buttons at the top of the photo.

My Services - Photo Cropper 3

My Services - Photo Cropper 4
Step 3: There are 4 rows of control button at the top of the photo. First row, “Back And Upload Photo” button allows user back to previous photo browsing webpage to choose another photo.

Second row, “View Last Save” button allows user to load back the last modified, saved photo; “View Original” button allows user to load the original photo without modified; “Save Now” button allows user to save the any modification of the photo have been made; “Download Now” button allows user to download the saved photo to their local disk drive. To download the last modified photo, user suppose to save the modified photo by click on the “Save Now” button before click on the “Download Now” button.

Third row, user can enter the width/ Height in the textboxes and click on the “Resize” button to resize the photo. The “Constrain” checkbox enable the system to auto adjust the height when user enter the size of the width and system auto adjust the width when user enter the size of height. It acts like photo aspect ratio to prevent your photo from improper image squeezed. Photo aspect ratio refers to the relation of the width of the image to the height, while user can change the size of the photo and the ratio will stay constant.

Fourth row, coordinate x and coordinate y, where the cursor at the photo, for easy crop purpose.

Final Step: As mention at step 3, the final modified photo suppose to be saved by click on the “Save Now” button, before download it.

Also, System Will auto delete the photo, once it had not modified one hour time from the last modification. This is the purpose of storage efficiency, because we have limited storage capacity from host.


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