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Online Users Counter is a service that allows user to calculate and track the total number of users that currently browsing or visiting their website. This service is purely return by LimCorp, that using the file-based algorithm to track the number of visitors currently (duration as past 10 minutes until now) browsing your webpages.

It is simple to setup the counter at your webpages. Please click on “Show/ Hide Details” for more information at the setup webpage. There are few steps for the configuration.

1. Enter the auto refresh (In second) for the stat counter start to auto refresh itself to get the latest total numbers of users currently browsing your webpages. Set 0 for disable the auto refresh feature.

2. Select the type (Simple or Graphic).

My Services - Online Users Counter 2
Select “Simple” type of stat counter layout.

3. Enter domain name, this field is optional. Only when calculate the total number of online users no matter, they are browsing on your main domain webpages, or sub-domains webpages. There are all calculated using one set of stat counter. Whereas, if domain name field is not filled, system will treat, your domain ( and your sub-domains (; are separate domains, so there are different set of stat counters the different domain and sub-domains. There are not need to enter http://www OR https://www. Please see “Explain more” at that webpage for more information.

4. If you choose “Graphic” type at step 3, then proceed step 4 for the background color, and font for the stat counter layout.

My Services - Online Users Counter 1
Select “Graphic” type of stat counter layout.

5. Click on the “Get Code”, then copy and paste the code to the webpages that you want to track online users. Done. please see the example layout below.

My Services - Online Users Counter 3
Code in iframe that used to calculate and track current online users at your webpages.


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